REAL STORY 2018 - Grandma's Story in Bone Living in a Slum Hut With Her Child

5년 전

Indo Tuo, female quadriplegic who lives in Pattiongi Hamlet, Abumpungeng Village, Chinese Subdistrict, Bone, South Sulawesi. 65-year-old grandmother's house looks very worried.

He is supposed to be in the house stage with a size of 1.5 × 2 meters with a rickety condition that looks apprehensive. Sometimes Indo Tuo also have to sleep under the house when the mood of the child alone is not friendly.

Tang (30), should be dependent Indo Tuo because of his mental condition since his childhood, plus he had experienced trauma because of the rape events that happened.

Tang often helps his neighbors during peasant harvest season such as rice and chillies. He also often picks the fruit of mature chocolate from a tree belonging to his neighbor. Then he was rewarded 5 to 10 thousand to the owner.

one of Indo Tuo's neighbors, Kurniati expresses feelings of compassion, but unfortunately they do not want to be invited to live with him.

"In this village, all of us have family relations with Indo Tuo, but he does not want to be housed, maybe because he does not want to be considered troublesome, so we make a small house like that and often bring food," said Kurniati when talking to me

Indo Tuo while still able to walk, he often collects and sells leaves in the market. Leaves are sold Indo Tuo to the traders as a fish wrapper.

But now, as his age continues to grow with the old conditions, he can no longer walk far.

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I loved to read this story! Keep it up and make more stories if you have time and you can! <3