Man be thou man

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Every day millions of people get to the destination. Bring them back home That is their vow. On the way, they are working on sunrise, rain, hundreds of hazards, signals and traffic congestions. But nothing in the exchange except cheating is not an alliance. In recent times it has increased a few times. In particular, they have been accused of harassing women. It is a matter of concern that Senior Local Bus with Mr. Lockkharzkak It was not possible to have a personal interview because of the people of the buses. But the 'lonat' interview has also got a lot of amazing things. Sharif Majumder was with him

Juice + light: how are you?

LAKKRHAKKHUKH: Stay in this dead town! End of life at risk. What is the key to eating sandalwood

Seeing the situation? And jam! Take my last trip, go to Farmgate from Mirpur, get three hours. 10-15 minutes way three hours,

Think of it!

RA: It's a casual thing. Experts are feared that after a few days, it will be worse.

Law: That's exactly what's right. Now the situation is that after some time the people of Dhaka will move like that academy. And we will become rootless!

RA: What does 'rootless' mean?

Law: When I can not move on the route, then it can be said to be as fragmented.

RA: No, no, it will not be so. How much is Metrorail-fail See, it'll be all right. You will continue to snail as before.

Law: I hope so. Well, 'Sai Sai' definitely means compliance?

RA: Haha, that's it. But lately, with your reckless speed, there is a lot of criticism.

I know. People always look like terrified and suspicious. Do not want to get out of the street in shame. But for the reckless motion but you have to give us our Blame in any way

Can not

RA: Why?

Law: There are thousands of answers to 'Why'. First of all, the driver and their assistants are all. And you, that is, passengers do not wash the leaves but they are!

RA: Why are you saying that?

Law: If you have experience of a local bus ride, you know about it. If there are some people then they can take the car away. Anyway, the back of the car can go ahead! "Do you want to get your car in front of you?" The driver said. You say 'slow and stained wines the race', and on the public bus 'Slow and Stadyre' karate burns! What is it like

RA: Well, do not talk about the speed or you have dropped. Recent allegations of harassment of women in your name but recent allegations have come. It's about

What to say

Law: I am ashamed as a local bus. There is no way to deny it in any way. I have occasionally wanted to go to a ditch and break it down! But yes,

There is no way to make our bucket even here.

RA: Who is the fault?

Yes: Yours Yours There is not a poem like this, 'Blissful with honest, local people with evil'!

RA .: Yeah was not 'catastrophic'?

Law: That's the same. Local bus and losses are now almost synonymous. It is a matter of fact, we are accused today because of you.

RA: Again blaming us?

What is it? The women that feel extremely insecure during the movement, it is your responsibility. I'm not telling anyone specific. But the driver, the assistant, even ordinary passengers many thoughts are awful! But everybody is like that but I'm not saying that. And what the authorities say! Only if they have a bad event, they can snatch them. After the incident, the acquittal is something to do. Is anything like this? There is no counseling, there is no awareness, there is no initiative to ensure safe movement of women.

It's very sad. But something happens

The responsibility is right on the local bus

Comes in. Local buses such as the local buses, and local buses

Tamu ray ...

RA: So, what do you think you should do?

LOG: Please do not talk rubbish. What should you do, as a conscience-intellectual man, ask for a locked market local bus! Whine fan What should be done - Unclear, you or you must know. Just Do It. Tell me one thing, man, be a man.

RA: Many thanks to you.

Yes. Thank you. If you can change your song 'Lokal Bus' a little bit change. For Your Kind Information, We Do not Make Anybody Cuddle

Do not get off That's what helps.

So please be logical.

B kind to come

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