Brief history: I was dreaming and the coconut arrived .....

2년 전

Hahahaha ... this story is inspired by a particular dream.

My teenage son, mom, tells me where that comes from, to scare the 

children, that's where the coconut comes from.

Who is the coconut ?, I answer kindly, well, I think it was a ghost, as a child our parents told us that when we did not want to sleep, they began to sleep or the coconut took them.

And so the story goes, as I told my children, sleep or the coconut comes.

That night I go to sleep, I spent a strong day that I had gone to a friend's funeral, and at night I was very sleepy ... when I fall asleep, I start dreaming weird things, I don't remember much, but suddenly I walk for a Street, and a creepy monster, a giant coconut arrives ... my mother, I start running, hide and wake up, scared by my story of children and mother, there comes the coconut

Gracias por leer, soy Raquel .e 

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