Menara pada masa kerajaan namrudz

2년 전

The construction of skyscraper towers is not a new thing and is not only done in the modern era. But in prehistoric times, the construction of the skyscraper tower has been done. Like the construction of the tower of
Babylon founded by Namrudz in Babylonia. In the days of namrudz many towers of stories and stories occurred at that time

Sebalamana dilansir (23/02/2017), Babylonia is a country located in southern Mesopotamia (now Iraq), in the region of Sumeria and Akkadia.
The naming of the tower of Babel itself is taken from the name of the city center of Babylon which has existed since 1696 BC. While the purpose of building Tower of Babel (Tower of Babylon) it kerraja era namrudz since 1696 this extraordinary phenomena that occurred at that time sunguh extraordinary history many org tau story at that time ,,,,

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