The children screaming 'Bombs' because of fear of seeing the children

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imageArrangements are being made to provide training to the children who have been taken to Turkey for funding from the European Union. This project has started in 2016, now there are about three hundred and fifty thousand children now studying.

Sarayilan School, a school named in Gaziantep, Turkey Some of the children studying in the country - who are citizens of two countries.

Some are in Turkey, some Syrian At the same age, the school dress is the same. A classroom, which is all barriers.

One of the teachers of this school, Mohammed Ali Chinar, said, "There is so much scary work among these Syrian children that one day we took them outside to play, an airplane was going on." Everyone shouted, 'Look at that - Bombs'After the war in Syria, Turkey has provided shelter to 35 million Syrian people. The country welcomed them very well.

The school has been built in the sense of the European Union to make children of families fleeing from Syria to study in Turkish schools. Here these children are getting an opportunity to know each other. .
One report says that communal riots have increased three times in the last year. As a result, 35 people have been killed.

The one that needs to be one of them is clear.

Syrian children are learning Turkish language at these schools. But they can also join other classes. The aim of these mixed schools is to change all previous ideas and ideas.

A generation of Syrian children who were born in the war, Turkey is now known as their own home.
But some areas are stored. Syria and Turkey can not make much of a meeting here.

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