Novel review : Fishing the Myriad Heavens 7.8/10 (垂釣諸天)

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Fishing the Myriad Heavens (垂釣諸天) is a novel from Chinese author "No Crying Out In The Face Of The Dao".
You can find English translations on webnovel, the link will be at the end of the post.


Bei Feng 26 years old man who was just fired from his job finally returns to his hometown in countryside. He got there old mansion from Grandfather who raised him and there he found magical well and fisherman system with which he can fish through world and get animals,items from another worlds. After sometimes he get some cultivate technique from other world and starts cultivates plus open his own restaurant with this his journey begins:)

Now let's move on to my rating:

Easiness of reading: 9/10 (easy to read )
Amount of chapters: 7/10 with potential of 9/10 (Currently there are ~95 chapters translated to english out of 550 in Chinese, but this novel is still ongoing)
Details of the world: 9/10 (modern china with connection to the world of cultivators and magic)
Romance aspect: ?/10 (so far ?)
Fun aspect: 9/10 (this novel is easy and fun to read, because main character is pretty stubborn and got his own principles)

Overall, my rating is 7.8 , with potential to easy have 8.5+ - i like modern chinese novels and here it connected with cultivators world, so i hope it will be very interesting! (500 chaps to translate and novel is ongoing :) )


Novel in English:

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