WHAT IF LOVE IS A GAME (An Original Poem)

4년 전


If love is a game
should I fold my cards?

If love is a game
god has a sense of humour.

If love is a game
I am a useless pawn in a lost set.

What if love is a joke?
What if it is a game?
Then we are cursed to play
then I will never win.

I will never grasp the delight of the gods;

I have to admit
the game has its mirth,
we enjoy life on stage
being pulled by the strings.

We torture ourselves
into this sport,
like a Salmon that swims
up the river,
we play until we find an exit
with no fire escape…

We are stroked by lightning from above.

if love is a game,
what then is life?

Who am I to answer?
I am but a forgotten child of the poets.

If love is a game,
someone is playing a very sick joke.

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Image Credit - Painting by - Rene Magritte "The Lovers", edited here

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incredible , inspiring

so beautiful, its touched my heart

Beautiful. I think that life is a game in general, but it is up to us to create the story line. We're all the main character and a side-quest. Love, however, can be cruel or divine - it truly depends on your perspective and how you receive each experience. :)


I absolutly agree with every word you said mate.

Glad you liked the poem

@serejandmyself Enjoyed, (upvoted) here is my favorite line-
We torture ourselves
into this sport,
like a Salmon that swims
up the river,
Of course like everyone searching for love the salmon swims until he dies.

Also, the image of "Lovers" by Magrite has always been a favorite of mine. It is said that the image is his recollection of his mother who drown and was dragged from the river wrapped in a sheet.


Oh i wasnt aware of that! But im glad you enjoyed the post

it's a game I'm willing to play :)


Be careful! )

It seems that you leave room for life to be something serious (with purpose), even if love is a game? If so, then a meaningful life is still possible, even without love.

I don't even see it that optimistically. I'm more in the camp of life, itself, being no more than an expenditure of time and energy, to no ends - absolute purposelessness.

However, I leave some room for the possibility that our general suffering, as part of the human condition, and the causes of our specific woes, do have some meaning in a bigger, spiritual picture, which transcends this material existence. I guess you could say that I hope something like "karma" exists, but tend to lean more towards purposelessness/ aimlessness as the true reality.

I suppose this tags me with the label of "nihilist", but I feel that this word fails to capture the body of my attitude around life and the after-life, and/or non-existence of either (life or death).


Thats is very profound comment!

I think that this is why I like people to get their own feeling / meaning out of ny poetry. Its importnat to me, to understansd what it is you see and not what i am trying to show you

This is indeed very much what I also think often, and you captured it in a very human way that's very easy to relate with. Beautifully done.


Thanks mate! Great minds think alike ;-)

If love is a game, then the creator was really sophisticated. It allowed people to have a pleasure, struggle and obsession at the same time. It also requires all sorts of emotions to be involved in this process.

When you are in love you're definitely playing a game. And to be honest, only the unity of efforts between man and woman can create something magnificent and truly inspiring.

So if love is a game, I'm totally in it. It is brilliant and can reveal who you really are in the hardest levels :)

Besides, interesting style of a poem. I love it.


Remember to play safe =)


Yeah, I know. In some things risk is required but here we need to be a little bit more careful in certain actions :)

My absolute fav painting :), though i dont think it cracked so much.. that painting


I think i was trying to find something that showed love in a different way, i wasnt so much thinking of the paintings meaning, but more of the imagery of the painting )

Cool !!!