☎ How I got invited as a crypto expert to a financial advisor office [Part 3]

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[Part 1]
[Part 2]

”Oh hey Peter. I am glad that you came.” she said, before standing up, shaking my hand and offering me a seat.

After a short typical small talk and having a coffee, Diana asked me: ”So tell me more about your cryptocurrency career. You told me that you bought your first Bitcoin in 2015. Was the interesting technology the reason you invested or has something else aroused your interest?”

”In fact it was more like…I’ve seen a documentation about the dark net. A place on the internet where you can buy drugs, weapons and other illegal stuff. They said the way to pay your ordered stuff und staying completely anonymous, was bitcoin. I was curious whether it is difficult to get bitcoins or not. Then I googled a lot and tried to buy my first bitcoin through PayPal. There was a very expensive and complicated way to get some: I bought some game credits via Paypal, exchanged these game credits against bitcoins and sent them to an Exchange. I ended up paying enormous amounts of fees and got 0.99BTC for around 230€. If I think back to these times, the fees I payed then, would nowadays be more worth than my whole investment.” I grinned stupidly and got more comfortable from time to time. ”I sold the bitcoin for around 600€ one year later, payed out a big part in fiat and re-invested the rest of it in other cryptocurrencies.”

”So I guess you are pretty familiar with the price volatility in this market… Where do you get all your information from? I found out, it is very difficult to find legit sources from all these self-proclaimed crypto-experts on the internet.” She said after listening with considerable interest.”*

I told her that I try to inform myself from as many sources as possible. I don’t believe in any price predictions, I don’t believe in any “This Coin will moon in 2018” Videos and I definitely don’t believe these pseudo-crypto-expert.
Due to the fact customers ask her very often, if it is still profitable to invest in cryptocurrencies, she wants to hear as many meanings as possible too.

”Look at this Peter. I payed 1500€ for it and I would like to know if it is worth the money.” she pointed at the desktop of her PC.

I stood up and had a look on the screen…
[to be continued]
☞ This is based on a true story. Names are replaced ☜

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