Social change or emotional emergence?

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Social change or emotional emergence?

The French Revolution had some strong philosophical views. The theoretical basis of the Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquik, created the way for the French Revolution. The people of the royal family, the church and the elite gathered together against the oppression of the dream of a discriminated society. Jacobin and Robespierrers came forward to take the lead. In 1789, the Bastille Durga collapsed on the same basis. In retaliation mad people started killing the aristocrats. El Gillotin came down Many Elite people lost their lives. But revolution was born a new society. Nationalism and patriotism were born in the place of the monarchy. With the emergence of Napoleon, this sentiment becomes a military transition. As a consequence, France became the powerful superpower of Europe. Moral of the Story Hall, you need strong philosophical thinking to pose a society. Spontaneous participation and proper leadership of the people needed. If they do not get adjusted, the dream can only be dreamed. You can not change the society with emotional phrase only.


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