When the fool is wealthy!

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A rabbit enters the king's house to find food, swallows a diamond piece without getting any food. Due to the theft of diamonds, all the sleeping in the royal palace becomes unlawful.
The king called the masseh astrologer, the astrologer had eaten the diamond pieces euro. The commander, announces the state award for the rescue of the king's diamonds. Seeking a hunter, he was given the responsibility of rescuing ray with diamonds.


When the hunter reaches the rats to kill rats, hundreds of rats are clinging together with each other, and a mouse is lying on top of a brick with colored cloth and is lying on chitpotanga. Shikari then takes the rat and tears her stomach.
He got out of diamonds and handed it over to the king, Rajamshi was very happy and gave the prize to his prize, and asked him, 'Oh Aro how do you know that in mice, the rat has stolen diamond .. ??

The predator replied, - Very easy! When a fool suddenly becomes wealthy, he feels himself isolated from others and closes his association with his own nation. The silly rat did exactly that, the diamond thief declared himself the richest and the king of the rats. In this society, such behavior takes place among some people!

(How many food in a short-lived monk rice)

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