Darad's Nightmares - Vignette

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This is a vignette from Emtia's history that show's the effects of a condition called Nightmare's Death. To read the full article, go here.

I ached to run to Darad, to wake him from his dreams. But that would only hasten the effects of the curse. He tossed and turned. The smell of sweat hung in the air and his face twisted as he screamed in his sleep. Waking him could mean his death.

We just celebrated his fourteenth coming-to-life day a few days ago. I tried to leave with him then, to hide him from the curse. Why had Elren stopped me? So what if no one had been successful before! He’s my son. I should've tried harder.

Tears fell as I gripped the doorframe. A gentle hand touched my shoulder. Elren had finally returned with Myrsi. The unicorn’s silver-grey coat and white mane glowed in the soft candlelight.

I wiped at my eyes and hugged myself. "Can you help him?"

Myrsi dipped her head, the pearl-colored horn gleaming. "I'll do my best, Lysa."

I stepped aside, allowing Myrsi to enter Darad's room. Elren wrapped his arms around me. His touch felt good, but I couldn't shake the doubt and fear in my heart. Did we do the right thing?

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Great work on this vignette!

Awesome and intriguing, thanks for sharing. Will go see the post you linked for more.


Awesome, thank you! I had a lot of fun writing this short little vignette, haha.