Short Stories Of : "Robbery And Murder"

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This story tells about the robbery and murder of a housewife.

This incident stems from a harmonious little family, they are Megan (wife), Joseph (husband), vino (boy), saphira (daughter). They live in a small village where people are very concerned about one another. Saphira is the second child of this family couple, she plans to marry late December at the beginning of the new year. All the planning of their second child's marriage is well prepared.

One day Megan was going to shop for her daughter's wedding, she said goodbye to her husband, "dear, I have to go to buy our daughter's wedding supplies!"

Joseph "yes well, do not be long honey, I can not live without you!" Joking lovingly

Then Megan drive and go carrying all the wedding money to arrange all the shopping needs of the wedding.

On The Road

In the middle of a rather quiet journey from the crowds of vehicles, Megan confronted in the old black sedan car, she forced to stop her car. She was stopped by three unknown people, not knowing what they want.

While holding the gun, Jhony (the first person) "get out of the car, hurry!"

With a heart pounding and full of fear, Megan finally got out of her car "what do you want guys, please do not hurt me!".

Sebastian (second man) "shut up or we'll kill you!"

Holding Megan, Marco (third person) says to jhony "jhony, hurry up before anyone sees!"

Jhony checks into the car and looks into Megan's bag he finds a lot of money, megan "please that money is for my daughter's wedding!"

Jhony "shut up, or i'll shoot your head" while pointing a gun at megan's head.

Megan closed her mouth while holding back tears, she was very frightened at that time. Then Jhony thought to bring money along with her car all, and then Megan was pushed by Marco and she fell.

Megan shocked when jhony want to bring her car, she fought back. "Bang"

In silence

Marco "what are you doing?"

Sebastian "hey Jhony, what have you done, you do not have to shoot her, you stupid!"

"She fought back, and I accidentally shot her. My hands are suddenly moving "Jhony said

"What should we do now, she's dead," Marco said

Jhony "Let's get out of here, the police will come soon, come on fast!"

Sebastian "then what about this woman?", They are confused, then

"throw her body behind back there, hei we have to leave now, quick" said jhony

At Home
Joseph has a bad feeling about Megan, he called Megan since last but not appointed by his wife. He walked back and forth in his house, his feelings have actually appeared since Megan was about to go shopping for his daughter's wedding equipment. Then came the phone call from his home.

"(...)" the phone sounds.

"We from the police station want to say that we found the body of a middle-aged woman and identified as your family, we ask for confirmation from your family to come to the hospital right now."
Joseph's heart is pounding now, his feelings mix with fear and sadness, but joseph can still strengthen himself and bring vino to go with him.

Arriving at the hospital, joseph and vino saw his wife's body was lying stiff on the bed. Vino cried all the while "mom ... mom ... mom ...!", Then joseph while holding back tears he hugged tightly vino "calm son ... calm".

The police also recounted the chronology of the robbery and murder of his wife, "at that moment we got a call from an eyewitness who saw the incident of your wife's body thrown away by three men, he is the surrounding community who are looking for firewood in the forest, he accidentally saw the incident and immediately called us, then we hurried to the crime scene and immediately chased and arrested the perpetrators, they are now in our office ".

" I personally sorry for your loss! "said the police while holding Joseph's shoulder.


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