Difference Between Past and Present Wedding Processions

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The Difference Between Past and Present Wedding Processions


When you get married you will definitely hope your close friends can come and be happy. It will be even more exciting when you make a photo together with a funny but meaningful concept of togetherness. Like the following photos, your close friends can be used as accompaniments for your wedding that usually wear uniform clothes.


now marriage is one of the goals of achieving our Millennials lives, guys. Not a few of us who are already mature and want to immediately create a happy family with a partner.


If you remember again, the current wedding trends have changed. Different from the childhood, there are a number of aspects that make us aware that we are adults or the slang "Yeee is old."


Remember, our era is small so the bridal fan is really trendy. Now the bride wants to be flanked by the bridesmaid.

The name is Broken or bridal fan. Usually this break is chosen from the little ones who are relatives of the bride who is very photogenic, plus being impatient because she will be coupled with the bride for hours in the aisle. In the past you might have had a fight over pengin to be broken at oom or aunt's wedding.

wedding has become a best-selling business in the past two decades, documentation used to be

Like the days of oom and aunt first there was no name to go on vacation long before marriage in order to get a beautiful pre-wedding photo. If there is one, they usually just go to the studio. Moreover, ordinary people are photographed by photographers and professional equipment, it doesn't seem like they are imagined.

Now the family doesn't need to be bothered, there are wedding organizers everywhere.

As a child, you might remember how complicated your family is in taking care of relatives' marriages. Meetings every week, share uniforms, maybe someone cooks a complex for a meal. All must intervene.

If now parents don't need to be dizzy and they care for themselves. There is a wedding organizer who is ready to represent, just say what you want to do for a wedding and what budget. Later, the family is just enjoying the results.

Only this is what I can share, hopefully it can be of benefit to us all.





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