The Real End of the World Volume 1 - A Modern Fairytale

10개월 전


It's a wierd silence when you stop the time machine , there's really no gaurentee you're going to live through it.
So many things can go wrong even breathing is hard .

"Open the view window" I command
Sign's of life cap " there's something down there..." Looks like its not much tho "
My computer had already done a full scan I look at the main display threat level : BENIGN !
That's a first .
Land us .

I time travel you get used to ruined civilisations , I checked my suit and ambled down the ramp
Grass , birds looked like a nice day , mid afternoon hazy lazy , 200 yards off I could see what definitly was a clothed human.

Scan I command , threat level minmal cap.

Approach prognosis .. good cap

I set forth towards the human . As I near I see modern clothing tattered falling off

the human , a middle aged male it appeared hailed me waving frantically..
Language Analysis : Modern Sumerian..
What happened here translator asks
Do you not know is the shocked immediate response ..
I'm from the future , our records are bad or nonexistant

Our world died , it literally fell apart ..
Was it a plauge or war I responded

Niether .. just bad planning and carelessnes , we trusted our leaders to keep us fed and provide
and when they failed we turned on each other , there are people left but few survived ...

You're saying your civilization just failed

YES... and it will happen again and again ,people never learn ...


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