Ren du Lot, the shit lawyer - Part VIII

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Ren du Lot was daydreaming. He had written the prenup contract for the wedding of Harchtchy and Bettonika and sent it to the Count and the Duke. His work was finished for the day, he was wondering where the family of the Duke was originating and how they had made their fortune.

So, he called one of his acquaintances, a sysadmin names Nordlute, and asked him what he should do to get information on the family de Piezankap (what a strange name, by the way). Nordlute explained to him where he should look on the World Wide Web and Ren started to do his research.

Ren du Lot soon discovered that the Duke had immigrated to this shitty country only ten years ago and had purchased the castle where he lived with his family from a descendant of Sir Francis Haddock, a Ship-of-the Line Captain in the Royal Navy in the XVIIth century.

Obviously, the name "de Piezankap", even if it is a strange name, is of French origin, as his family name "du Lot" is. He has to find out where the Piezankaps came from in France.

Maybe he will discover that he is related to the Duke. That would be really interesting. And strange.

Ren du Lot was daydreaming.


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Ren du Lot, the shit lawyer, a serial shitposting fiction inspired by Torundel the Shitposter! by @katharsisdrill.

Rules are:

211 words - Starting with the words "Ren du Lot" - First and last sentence are identical.

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Does Piezankap have a particular meaning? I'm so curious...