An unexpected visit - Original story.

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Inspired by a dream that seemed eternal, today I share with you this little story that I wrote some years ago between sobs and chills, with bristling skin and nerves. I hope you like it, and if you want me to share more content as it is, let me know in the comments. We are reading dear Steemians.

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Being on vacation. You had come with us a few days to sleep, we were all staying together in the plot of my parents where my cousins ​​took the opportunity to go fishing in the river and with them we went to venture. I remember that in those days we were a little bigger than we are now, it was funny to see us a little older doing children's things. We spent the days talking, having fun. We always got up at dawn to walk, run and if someone was still half asleep we put everything and clothes in the pool. We made parrots, mud houses, pranks and antics. It was all laughter and fun.

We all slept in the same room. There were six of us in total, telling my mother that she also stayed with us, taking care of us so that we would not do anything crazy. There was only one double bed where my sister slept; my mother and I. On the floor, two separate mats where you and one of my cousins ​​slept; on top, another of my cousins ​​in a hammock.

We went to bed late telling stories of terror, talking about myths and legends. My always scared sister hid under the sheets and we made fun of her: -You are big enough to continue fearing the coconut - said one of my cousins.

After a few days, my sister and my younger cousin had to leave, they had to go back to class. We were only the three of us and my mother, she saw that it was time to go back, she put herself in order to give you a ride, almost immediately I objected to you leaving, I wanted you to stay another day. You would ask me because another day, if we already had several together, then simply and plainly to see so close the possibility of convincing my mother to allow me to sleep with you, one night.

That day we went back to the house to look for some clean sheets and some things, you were with me, as always.

In my mother's room we met, you loaded me to reach the sheets that were on the top of the closet, when suddenly everything came down, we fell on the bed and on us thousands of things ...

Being that our last moment to laugh.

We left the room together. When…

Unexpectedly you turned to me, to hug me but more than hug me you wanted to protect me, in some desperate way you tried to make me enter the room.

I felt a change almost palpable in the environment, my body was paralyzed, my skin shuddered.

-Enter the room! Enter now! - you were telling me.

The words could not come out of my mouth ...

-What's going on? - I said at last, in a trembling voice.

-We have to get away from the window, do not look! - You were as cold as ice, so rigid that your movements became heavy when trying to take me to the caveat.

I remember it was almost immediately when you named the "Window" and my gaze went directly to there unconsciously raising my face over your shoulder. I did not miss much more to understand what was happening and how stupid I had been not paying enough attention to your words. "Do not look" - I was doing exactly the opposite.

And that's when I saw him.

espejo alargado.jpg

From outside, leaning over the window, his clawed hands scratched the glass that blocked his way towards us, he seemed to tremble with anxiety, his eyes were wide as saucers, he studied the interior of my restless room. The open blinds let in the midday rays, reflecting on the floor her torso, her shadow grew larger with the awakening of my fears, it was amazingly frightening. He did not miss more than a fraction of a second so that he would realize that he was looking at him.

Time was paralyzed and I could not breathe. What seemed like even a second became an eternity. His eyes, red as blood began to tintinar, to move from one side to another violently and for a moment it seemed to come out of the basins, it was no longer anxiety but despair.

Everything happened so fast ...

That which was outside, went through the window, the room and everything that was on its way to get to me ...

He opened his huge mouth, thousands of sharp and threatening fangs could be observed, and with one bite I devour my whole being. My screams were of despair with pain, a shrill scream was making me go crazy ... I remember very far away to hear your voice irritated -Why ?! Why did not you listen to me? - I told you not to look! - Your hands shook me trying to make me see reason, after a while you stopped and you just hugged me crying on the floor.

When everything was over.
We were outside, I was in an ambulance ... Someone was telling me-Your parents are coming, everything will be fine. I did not understand what had happened, because there were so many people outside and because the police were there. I tried to go down but when supporting my hand it hurt, it was bandaged and it began to bleed, I spent a while looking at it ... -What happened? - I asked myself.

When I finally saw you you were talking to an official, when you finished you turned to me and came to meet me, I remember that your first words were. -Are you okay? - I just sit down with my head.

You went on.

-Things are like this. Nobody believes me, instead they want to take charge of the facts ... for committing a crime on private property, for the damages and they even want to involve me in alleged homicide towards you- You ended up in a thread of voice.

His eyes were wide.

-I believe you. I saw it. We'll fix it- I told you.

You took me in your arms and pressed hard-Thank God, you're fine-I heard you say in a whisper, your tears ran down my shoulder.

When I closed my eyes ...

Billions of images swirled in my mind, everything I had let pass for a moment to my mind returned in the form of lightning.

It was wrong ... I was outside of myself, upset, hysterical. He hit me and hit you violently, I hit my head against the wall repetitively, you took me, you hugged me, I bit you. I broke the glass with my fist and tried to take my life, fortunately you stopped me. Everything was going backwards. Everything passed through my thoughts in a fleeting way. Every term where he looked at me for a moment.

There I woke up, crying ...


Author: My person, Winiferd Zerpa.

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In my free time and when I'm inspired, I usually write small things on my Twitter account, I share them with you, curiosity is the most urgent.

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