A Very Good King (4)

3년 전

She can hardly conceive a baby. So with the queen, the chances of having an heir are no longer there. At the same time adopting a son is out of place so the King became very worried.

Igwe Nkume discovered that even his beloved queen is not happy about his decision on getting a new queen.
His brother Ajamba, the high chief of the kingdom is getting very popular and ambitious. Having known that until this moment, his elder brother, the Igwe have not been able to get an heir to the throne.

He began to prepare to send the King to an early grave, he believed in the popular adage that if you act quickly; you will prevent limitation.

Not only was the he trying to kill the King, he was silmutaneously frustrating the King's plan to marry a second wife.
He beagn to court the queen in the palace.

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A king is a leader and should be wise. When a king isn't wise he can't be a good king