"Mushroom Magic" Original Children Shortstory (entry to the contest by @breezin)

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In the deep forest under the earth there are living some small people. Ushually they hide when people come into the forest but sometimes if a person has a good heart they will come out of their little mushroom houses and play with them.
One day a little witch came into the forest looking for the mushroom people but they kept hiding under the earth. The girl got angry and with a spell she destroyed all the mushrooms she could see. She did not know that the mushrooms were not only the fruiting bodys she could see above the earth but a big network under the earth. The little people use this network to communicate like humans use the internet. They were very angry to see their houses destroyed by the impatient little witch and huge discussions started in the mushweb. Some of the little people were very angry and they wanted to kill the little witch. Others wanted to log her into the mushweb to communicate with her and show her how bad the destruction was she caused, others wanted to give her some nice food and convince her to become friends with them. They kept discussing and could not find a common ground. This is how the different kinds of mushrooms were created.
When the little witch came to the forest again she saw that the mushroom fruiting bodies had returned. She suddenly felt hungry and wanted to pick some of them and eat them. But she did not know how to see if they were poisonous or not. Luckyly she picked on of the magic mushrooms that allowed her to enter the mushweb. There she became friends with the mushrooms and learned about their spirits. She learned to avoid the mushrooms that were still looking for revenge and therefore trying to kill people, annd she learned which mushrooms were a good food source. From this time the little people did not hide from the little witch anymore and she was allowed to pick as many mushrooms she wanted to eat. On special days she entered the mushweb to speak with her little friends from all over the world.
It is important to respect the mushroom people for they are all connected with the forest and the animals. If you go to the forest only pick the mushrooms you know because some of them have evil spirits and they can cause pain and death. Others will give you food if you know how to identify them. And a view of them will invite you to their secret world.


This is my entry to the children story competition by @breezin. If you are interested to participate in the contest check out the invitation post. Thank you for reading this little kids story I just wrote. I am happy to paticipate in this inspiring contest. The mushroom photos were taken by me.

Lots of Light and Love <3

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Really you wrote a very great short story.. I am feeling so amazing to know the mushroom people life.. new concept a great theam..


Thank you very much <3 I am happy you enjoyed the story about the mushroom people <3

Mushroom is the fiber, potassium and vitamin C content in mushrooms all contribute to cardiovascular health. @yoganarchista Great Post.


Thank you for this interesting comment. I think the healing effects variate very much depending on the kind of mushroom. This is what the story is supposed to teach to children :)

I like nature and also like to eat mushroom. You wrote a beautiful short story.


Thank you very much <3


You are welcome, friend.

A very beautiful story
I love nature so much, my friend
Well done publishing


Thank you very much :) I am glad you like this little story <3 Nature is great and the best is, we are a part of it <3

The fungus looks very unique. I also really enjoy a very interesting story. Good luck always for you @yoganarchista.

Love it :)
I've seen those creatures...
deep in my heart I'm a mushroom lover :)

What a wonderful mushroom story! And this can be a great hut for mushroom people!


CHILDREN SOUNDS GOOD! HONGOS huelen bien! REQUETEQUEESTIMADO diesen Post! @yoganarchista!

Love the beautiful fall colors in this picture. Really pulls the whole piece together.

Hello friend how are you doing good to meet you each other my love is very close to me your post I respect and you respect me I love your post I'm trying to comment from you I try to learn something new from the friend. Thanks thanks to you friend very much on my side.i love nature.your post is very grateful.

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I upvoted you as a witness :) good luck!

Here in Paraguay, (not only magic) mushrooms are usually viewed as sh** made by goblins. ;-)