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There are six most popular urban legend around us

The Clown Statue

A mother employs a babysitter to look after her child. He went to dinner with her husband. A few hours later, the mother called the babysitter to make sure everything was fine.

Babysitter asks the employer if he can watch television in the room, and the mother answers it.

Then he asked again if he could cover the clown statue in the room with a blanket. The mother answered "wake up my child and take her out of the house, my husband and I don't have a clown statue at home."

I Can also Lick

A woman lives with her dog. Every night he always sleeps with his pet. The dog will always sleep under the woman's bed. Every time the woman feels scared, she will lower her hand and the dog will lick it and make her feel calmer.

One night, the woman heard a thumping noise that did not stop inside the bathroom, because she was afraid she lowered her hand and as usual she got licked. The voice did not end, with curiosity the woman went to the bathroom from the sound. He opened the door and saw his dog hanging while knocked against the wall. He cried in fear then thought "Who was licking my hand?"


Two female students live together in a hostel. At this time one of them just returned from the event. When he entered the room, the whole room was dark, he assumed that his friend had fallen asleep and would feel disturbed if he turned on the light.

The next day when he woke up, he turned on the light. How shocked he was when he saw that his friend had died in blood and there was writing on the wall "How do you feel if you turned on the light last night?" The writing was made from the blood of a friend.

The Painting Stares

One night, there was a man who was lost looking for a place to rest. He walked until he finally found a place. As he entered the old house, he saw many frightening paintings that made him feel spied on. Because of his greater fatigue he decided to sleep and ignore the painting. The next day when he woke up, all the paintings disappeared as if there was not even a single painting in the old house.

The killerin Rear Seat

At night after an event, this woman drives a car alone. Long story short, there was a truck that always followed him and glimpsed and honed him all the time until he got home. He got out of the car, crying out of stiff complaining to his parents "Ma, Pa the truck continues to follow me from now until now.

"The driver of the truck went down and said" I deliberately followed you because I saw someone in your back seat who was about to stab you with a knife. I also gave a sign to you by exceeding and calling several times. Thus the killer immediately looked down. "Everyone who was there immediately went to confirm the truth. But when checked, the car is empty. Only the knife is left.


A grave guard gives a bell to every grave so that if a relative wants to bloom he will wake up from his sleep and come to him. When a bell came from a grave, when he arrived there was no one coming.

From inside the grave, "Hey, get me out of here, I'm not dead." The guard of the grave immediately ran away in fear, because on the gravestone it was written that he had died 20 years ago.

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