Unique Incidents of Chickens with No Heads that Live 2 Years After Cutting

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Mike is just a chicken, but who would have thought that his miraculous life story could shock the world. Although life without a head and Mike's beak can live a normal life like other chickens, even though eating and drinking must be fed with a pair of tweezers.

Unique and Interesting Events to be seen again this happened on September 10, 1945 from a farmer Lloyd Olsen from Fruitta, Colorado United States. Mike The magic chicken can survive headless for two years. Even because of its uniqueness, it became famous in the world. Mike's name is increasingly global and famous until he is nicknamed "Mike, The Headless Wonder Chicken".


Mike's Bizarre Life started without a head when the owner Lloyd Olsen intended to cut it into a dinner meal with his family. When slaughtering a chicken's head, for some reason there was a wrong cut or not, surely when Lloyd managed to break Mike's head.
Strange, even though Mike, who had a headless state, could still live after falling on the ground for a while. Suddenly he ran around, trying to peck the ground and flap his wings as if nothing had happened wrong with him. Seeing this unique scene Lloyd became confused and he finally decided to take care of Mike again as his pet.


But sadly since the incident of beheading, Mike the chicken can't do all the activities that other chickens can do in general. Because he lived without a head, he became blind, could not eat and drink. Even so, the shortage did not make Mike the headless cock discouraged.

Feeling compassion and pity made Lloyd the chicken owner decide to feed the grain and drink as usual through a pipette. 2 weeks later Lloyd took his chicken for review at the University of Utah.

In his examination, this scientist was shocked. He began watching Mike the amazing poultry, but Lloyd's butcher ax didn't hit the blood vessels from the brain to the heart (jugular vein), which made the brain tissue and one of Mike's ears unbroken.

Keep in mind the process of slaughtering animals in America is different from in Indonesia. And because the reaction of a chicken is largely regulated by this brain tissue, Mike can act as usual despite losing his head. It turned out that a frozen blood clot saved Mike during bleeding until he could live and not die.

Since then Lloyd has always been diligent every day to feed Mike milk and water using syringes or tweezers. News of the uniqueness of Mike the headless chicken was increasingly spread until he was nicknamed "The Headless Wonder Chicken". Mike's popularity became more famous and became a star of the show in every show. He made the employer manage to get US $ 4500 or around 49 million per month, a very large amount of money at that time.

For two years Mike could live even without a head, but Lloyd's carelessness, he forgot to take the pipette injection he usually took to feed and drink Mike. The carelessness made Mike dead and that's when the magic life's unique life story ended.

Photo of Mike the Magic Chicken is enshrined in the Monument Statue


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