$STRAT/BTC - Stratis Technical Analysis - Trading Idea #14, 08.07.2017

3년 전

A lot of Poloniex coins are very deep in the red, some more than -60%
Wouldn't be surprised to see some bounces.
I bought some STRAT
Rather than hunting for a ton of coins, I picked one quality market that's retraced to the 61.8% fib level
Strat has been bouncing 2 fib levels up for every 3 fib level drop
I will stack sell order between the 50-38% fib levels for possible 30-60% returns

Crypto Trading is risky business and you can loss partial or full amount of money. This Trade view is not a guarantee and only my personal speculation. Trade at your own risk with that money only you can afford. Bitcoin unexpected pump or dump will make this analysis void.

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Every line reached in fibonacci are more likely to turn the other way ?


More often than not..But quite reliable most times..good luck trading

This is how much influence fibonacci level 61.8 has.
Great chart.
Good luck on your trades.

Im debating whether to swing trade strat and buy some now bc of the fib levels but some more support would be nice :-/