Streemian - Chainsquad Abuse

2년 전

In the past few hours Steemit has been in an uproar. Over this post,

Streemian has used its customers accounts to promote an announcement that the service will be revived. Ironically this move is likely to cost them their customer base as there is currently a viable alternative SteemAuto.

In the comments section you can see the unhappyness,

This was not even done as a benefit to the Steemit Streemian account, but the chainsquad one.

    I would recommend to use SteemConnect to revoke your keys allocated to Streemian using the link,
    It would cost you the rewards from the post, but consider unvoting the post
    Finally consider a flag, this will cost you some voting power, but it always possible to flag with a 1% to show protest against this behaviour

It is a consulting company in the blockchain space that produce open-source libraries on github for bitshares and steemit. It is highly likely they are getting paid for their work by the developers of steemit/bitshares so they would not need the money. This move was either motivated purely by greed or customer relations are clearly not their forte.

There you have it, if you were on Streemian at any time, revoke their permissions at the least.

Be well, be warned and... Steem On!!!

It has come to my attention that voting power was used on another post

My vote wasn't here, but I have heard some did upvote that post. I guess the free Streemian service wasn't working properly that time

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I saw this earlier this morning and made a post on it also. It was a slap in the face to all the users on Steemit that uses this site.


Yeah I agree. I will check out your post. I didn't pick up on this earlier because Streemian didn't upvote their other post from my account. Guess they fixed it before selling it off


Either way don’t be too wreckless with your posting key xD

@boontjie I've got the same problem as you - my account ( been hacked too. can you contact me on Discord. Use the newbieresteem channel n

Thank you for this. I thought I might have to write something like it myself. Instead, I have included your post in The Magnificent Seven to help spread the word. You can find it here:

Trust me, I'm a doctor.



Thanks for the include. I have seen more abuse than this, but taking a stand has to start somewhere

Thanks for sharing, I went into Streemian when I first saw notification and switched off as much as I was able. Your link to revoke has now been used as well, so sad to see something like this run off the tracks after being a good tool to use @boontjie

Resteemed to notify others on what is going on.