Street Performer

3년 전

The emotion in his face sold his performance that much more.


SettingsISO 100 85 mm f/1.4 1/160 sec
Camera Sony α7 III
Lens Sony FE 85 mm F1.4 GM
LocationAthens - Greece


Monday: foodphotography and animalphotography
Tuesday: landscapephotography and cityscapephotography
Wednesday: architecturalphotography and vehiclephotography
Thursday: macrophotography and colourfulphotography
Friday: streetphotography and portraitphotography
Saturday: sportsphotography and smartphonephotography
Sunday: goldenhourphotography and longexposurephotography

Screenshot 2017-12-08 10.35.04.png

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Amazing streetphotography good i like kit.good job my frends

I have seen people do some cool things with those balls!!

is he crazy? hehe

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Timing 👍👍👍

his emotion is very expressive, seems like you captured the moment! thumbs up!

You were in Athens? I leave in athens and those roads are my life. You can find many different people with emotional frames. This shot is for sure one of the best street life. Well done.

this is passion captured, awesome shot