Weekend Night Market Bangkok Thailand streetphotography

3년 전

I’m getting ready to plunge into my Weekend Night Market in Bangkok Thailand to get some food and supplies for the week. It is going on about dusk now and I am better able to shop when I have some light.

I took advantage of a momentary break in pedestrian traffic to show you a bit of the scene.

Weekend Night Market Bangkok Thailand street photography fitinfun.jpg

In this area, left to right, are steamed sweet potatoes. pumpkin, and corn. They are all fresh out of the steamer just out of view. Next to that are some of the most delicious waffles ever made which I no longer buy since I will eat them fast and feel sick later. Obesity habits die hard!

Behind this are vegetable vendors and clothing vendors. Out of view is just about anything else you will need to survive. It will be crowed full of shoppers and vendors. The pavement is broken, uneven, and might have puddles from recent rain.

All in all, this is a wonderful place to shop and I love my weekend stops each time I take them. But I have to be on my game to succeed.

My post is for @photocontests #streetphotography by @juliank. My Canon ELPH160 point and shoot camera was used for this shot.

Sharon fitinfun before after.jpg

I’m grateful I lost half my size and only sorry it took me until I was 50 years old to figure it out. It’s been over seven years now since I had to worry about my weight. What a relief this is .


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