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3년 전

Hello steemians.

My day today was not so good. Started with a good walk under the burning sun here in Athens and guess were... At the center of Athens!

But I had some good news. First of all, I manage to claim another one studio flash for my upcoming studio. And after that, a call came from a friend.

  • "Odysseas, you won the award of street photographer and your shot is in the top 20"

This was not enough for me to remember about this. So I logged in to check my e-mails.

A mail came from 35 Awards ... Informing me that the results are available. I didn't opened it, because I didn't think that I might have won anything.


Another e-mail, was came after that, informing me that my certificate was ready. Wait, what? Certificate?
Without losing more time, I opened it, and found that my one and only submission was chosen and awarded.

1st in street photography category.
One of 20 best photographers from Athens.
One of 50 best photographers from Greece.

You will ask me " Ok, but how many people submitted their work? "

My answer will be the message as it is from my certificate...

Certificate for participation in the 3rd annual international contest 2017.
Total participation has taken 103069 people from 160 countries. A total of 257 thousand photos have been submitted.


And because of some people will think that it is photoshop... (I know :) as photographer I could make a certificate and share it with you) here is the link of my authority and of course the awarded photo.



This is my life. This is me. This is photography.


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For a reason I can not explain I wanted to dedicate you a video just now...
Then I realize you got awarded in street photography!
Congrats! Well deserved.


My dear friend. First of all I want to thank you very much.
The clip shows the power tha handles memories. We have good memories no matter what life we have to leave. Some persons have to leave on streets because life is strange and plays a game with rules she writes. Their ugly image is not the reason to dismiss our oportunity and speak with them.

Thank you very much for your words and of course your dedication.

Success can occur as long as you are in love with your art and you are the proof of it. Congratulations on your success. I strongly believe that you deserve every bit of it. As you always say sky is the limit when you do what you love.


There are no limits when you make your craziness part of your life.

It is known that I am street photographer... Maybe art, maybe not. One thing is for sure. I will always leave for phtography :)

Congratulations on your Awards my dear friend!😊 you really deserve it because your work is always incredibly touching.😊 you are my favorite photographer ever.😉

End of course resteemed 😊


Thank you my athlet of our heart!!! I am nothing more than a projecting box. You all are the best part of it.

Congratulations @otsouvalas that was a lovely photo to be honest it tells the story on the day.

Keep up the great work in sharing your part of the world.


Sharing is always what I do no matter an sometimes I do not even thing what will comes after. Thank you for your support

Awesome congrats !


Thank you thank you!!!
Awarding my work is what I needed right now. After almost 10 years of hard work.

Im proud of you and Im proud of me because Im not artist Im not photographer but from the first time I understand that...your photos are " talking"or better " screaming'!!!!!


Thank you very much :) sometimes there is no need to shout in order to support someone. :) I hope one day humanity to be warned and awaken.

Congratulations :)


Thank you Ilia

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I will write in greek, because we are both greeks...!
Πολλά πολλά συγχαρητήρια και πάντα να διαπρέπεις και να μας κάνεις περήφανους !!!


Ευχαριατω πολυ για τα θερμα σου λογια!

Συγχαρητήρια, σου ευχομαι μελλοντικα παρόμοιες αν οχι καλύτερες διακρισεις!!!


Σε ευχαριστω πολυ :)

Congrats! The photo is very moving ...
Wishing you more success in the future to come.


Thank you very much!!

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Πάντα επιτυχίες να έχεις Οδυσσέα !
Την καλημέρα μου !


Ευχαριστω πολυ :)