How you can help dbdecoy fight steemit spam

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@dbdecoy is a freelance web designer & business intelligence developer who has been working hard to help improve the quality of content and reduce system abuse here on steemit by developing database/blockchain reporting tools to provide insight into a number of abuse methods like tag abuse and comment spam as well as contributing time and effort to @steemcleaners & @spamminator.

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This isn't glamorous work, nor is it very rewarding, a typical post generally receives a 0-0.2 payout, and spamminator report rewards go to the spamminator account to increase its voting power. Never the less dbdecoy is committed to upholding and demonstrating a high level of standards and ethics here on steemit, and is slowly gaining recognition from individuals and groups on the merits of these efforts.

@stsl is an account that has been set up by its owner to Share The Steemit Love by very generously giving 60 days of upvotes to one lucky but unrecognised and under-rewarded nominee that receives the most upvotes.

I want to send a little reward dbdecoy's way and raise their reputation to help empower them to continue the good work they do, as such I have nominated dbdecoy as a contender for STSL rewards.

The frontrunner nominee currently has 27 votes, let's get dbdecoy 100! So if you have the time and inclination then head over to this STSL post to upvote my nomination comment and if you're feeling particularly generous why not upvote the STSL post itself to increase the payout benefit:

Let's give dbdecoy 100 more reasons to STEEM ON! If @patrice can find the time then anyone can.

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Thanks for your post about my spam/abuse reports @neuromancer. I will continue with them even if this venture is not fruitful!


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