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Seems lots of alt coins are stuck in neutral. May be the case in the next bit trade wise while bitcoin gets the attention. There is also the looming hard fork that is making people pause. Plus there is a sell of by steemit at the beginning of every month to cover costs that causes a dip.

I am sitting on my liquid assets awaiting another steem dip to scoop up and I bet many others are too.

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it's the perpetual waiting game here


Seems as such. When bitcoin goes on another nuts run and sucks a bunch more fiat into crypto in general, there will be much more fuel for alts and new folks to discover the real blockchain.

I will hurry up and wait.

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sounds nice, i'm a bit tired of waiting, but such is life i suppose


Sounds nice, i'm a bit
Tired of waiting, but such
Is life i suppose

                 - clumsysilverdad

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Steem needs to rise

I had not realized, when I joined in September last year, that the price was at $0.99 or so. I was more concerned that HF20 left me unable to do anything with my account.

Now that I'm going back and looking at the transactions for taxes, I realize how far down things are.

More discouraging for me is thinking how much time I could spend on creating a post, text and image, and curating, for a few meager cents. And then, spending hours working out the taxes for those pennies.

It can go a couple of ways. I can bail out and reclaim my life, or I can double down to make the account substantial enough that the rewards are worth the time and effort. I certainly can't rely on the price of STEEM going up.

This also makes me more cautious about joining other social media that pays out. It's an accounting headache.


like anything good, you basically should do it if it's something you enjoy, if not then forget it. I've done it because it challenges me to write a little and express my view points, although I've been burnt out myself the last weeks

Definitely more action.

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