Studio photography by @otsouvalas

3년 전


Hello steemians!

After few days I managed to make another shot in my studio. This time I wanted to test my new studio flash. Your comments helps me improve my work too.

This is art. This is me. This is photography.

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot IPFS IOS Android Web
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you are a true artist! so simple yet so


Sometimes art can be so simple. You can show your feelings only with an object. This for me is fine art. Thank you very much.

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I'm no photographer but looks good to me


Photography has no limits. The difference between pro and amateur is that professionals can bring you nice pictures, powerfull colors outstanding contrast and cristal image. Amateurs can have photos like those too, but they do notcknow how they made it and of course there are low chances to make it happen many times. Depends on what tools you got and of course luck.

What amazing job , yo have done.