And so life goes on but wisdom is remembering the lessons

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And so life goes on but wisdom is remembering the lessons and that will make life easier when you just let it go knowing that life always works things out one way or another ... well uh hopefully the way we would like that's why its so important to cherish the little things in life we have achieved ... some wise ideas coming from winnie eh :)))

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in some places anger keeps you going where all else fails :)

i hope all is well, probably too busy to be busy with timesinks like steem :)

thats probably a sign life is good then


the good old days :)

... despite that, Edison (the original iPed and patent troll) kept him as a pet later to squeeze his juice

good to see you're still breathing, i hurrd it was in canada pretty fast but two days later it seems to be everywhere

it sounds like some december
i remember

"thats okay"

"its AAAlll the way in wuhan"

"what can go wrong" :p

round 2

for real , the others were just practice

not ready to throw any towels or kick any buckets yet and yea

best artists aint always blessed with best paint

if you think of it the REAL original iPed WAS tesla with the radiowaves and remote controls

but its always salesforce taking it

like getting more in "one round" than the government here is looking for to "get the years budget straight" :)

what a nice world you humans have here ... no wonder the planet is allergic to it lol

doesnt it feel like its a global auto-immune system reacting to a virus for some time now ?

it must be tired of the filth



history repeating ... from the flood and climate change to erosion - the fall of gods and empires and the mightiest of kings :





7000 years ago :p

thats like *before" tim crook even ;-)

the russians used a pencil in space, the sumerians a lump of clay

i fear humans have devolved in the last 200 years

these guys ...

its also 100% bio-degradable and you dont have to buy it from the taliban who has the last deposit ready to dig up , re-usable and replenishable within one generation, amazing technology ... no ads, no ransomware :D

i been on these guys for a bit (and others)

it makes for great background noise during light afternoon tea coding ...

and the similarities with today ... its almost like we're at the advent of a new dark age today

and the world was just less bland AND

refugees would have a field day b/C you could almost walk from calais to dover and from alaska to russia b/c the sea was below, there was simply more world for less humans

such wonder , no wonder they were able to build wonders that still boggle and wonder today

"the good old days" :)

maybe when musk is Caligula on mars they'll come back


someone's been throwing rocks at least ....

cosmic intifada

It's probably the shining one (from Enoch) that got left behind chained to a rock in space practicing his pitch to the place where they used to Sodom and Gomorrha - - i met him once when i shot myself into space, it showed me the blueprint of mundanes, never failed once to recognize since


i didnt notice any out of the ordinary - xept "the market" dropping by half a lightyear for some reason ... end of the world syndrome or something ... its probably a bit disturbing but personally i cant seem to be bothered either ... its just ...
its pointless lol

(but im not suicidal, im just hollow, ...)