Good mechanics can last a long time eh :)))

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Good mechanics can last a long time eh :))) something from the past things were made to last that's why some brands lasted for so long nothing like today's life style where every two years or so were doomed to buy new equipment or update the existing components and its been like this since the beginning i still remember my new Pentium 100 boy that was something back then incredible computing power and it could run win 95 lol anyways i kept that until it went kaputski at that point i think is what motivated me towards building computers i guess became a pass time that a lot of people might enjoy these days.


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It's so true I'm sick of the rubbish all these companies make, in the old days most things would last around 20 years, these days it's like 2 years, I wonder if there are any good companies left out there who still provide their costumers with quality product rather then all the mass produced crap.


i was a kid in when the throw away society began in early 70's remember the first throwaway bic pen and lighters and everything else came after ...

It's true that they don't make things like they do before. In the past, equipment and appliances last a long time. But I think the companies are getting smarter now. If things last, they don't make money. So, now they make them to last one or two years - that's the guarantee. After that, time to buy a new one, so they can make more money. 😊


yeah they called it progress but the mouse trap itself hasn't changed very much.

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