What would we do when our day needs enlightenment :)

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What would we do when our day needs enlightenment :) well you could get frustrated even mad but the only way to truly be free of these ""feelings thats might come in to play when other things dont go the way you would like. Sometimes just stepping back and watching for changes that might not go your way and with a little mediation and forethought find a solution to move forward is a lot better than spending your time under the weather ...


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if you need more light

what do you buy when doge finally tips BTC ?


... krank yes ?

and "sold out" lol ...

its like when the folks here were here before they left for france again it was like , all the fancy restaurants where they got invited were booked full but the others were only so - so

so : the rich still have money :)


ill disclaim again that they having the opportunity doesnt mean i have the money, life is not a six o clock sitcom with the olsens


man, imagina having a sip of that lol


yeah holy water eh ... it sure would be nice to get into a tasting and yeah i guess you have to be somewhere on the richlist :) , on the occasion but i think i would need more than one shot a little like potato chips :)))



ni dieu ni maitre ... more like choice and not submission :)

yea well ... that thing is more like a status symbol , right, no amount of swill can be worth the price of a small car imo - but ofcourse, if Warren's your uncle , not Bob then what to buy but these for people who already have it all :)


for them its a matter of taste eh although i think the tesla guy drives a 200k car but lives in a little 50k home and considers it plenty i guess because hes going to ship it into space one day ?? anyways hes not a customer thats a fact hes so cheap "))) blind fold me a give me a shot of that stuff betcha i couldnt tell the difference between a good bottle of hoouch and that god water a tastes the same after awhile :)))


heu ?... wth is a Bernard Arnault lol - first time i hear the name .. Ellison and Ambani also strangers to me (poor sod with a measly 98billion ... )
well, in case of musk and even besos the money is put to good use although it wouldnt hurt to get a combined trillion back into "the flow" there , if you take the top 500 that should be easy gettin

Somewhat surprised to see page & brin upthere

they never make much noise do they, even when larry was the super-ceo, the guy like never lost his cool either (in public anyway) ... even on bad days always claiming "but we got ALL the traffic and thats a good thing"

i know brin is into space too but in less flashy ways and i think they both took out a considerable amount of google recently the both of them

for "whatever"

at any rate : the one who gets dominance in space is like that apex of military but revised, after mobility and airpower

if you control extra-sphere then nothing down here goes unless you want it to

SO ... maybe its a good thing the chinese , the indians and the arabs are out there too (i doubt the taliban will be anytime soon) b/c as nice and free as they are ...

you dont want them to have the monopoly, right ...


just one billion would be fair enough

i dont think i could spend that in the decades i have left

im not much into lambos and yaughts

stemcell therapy however .. longevity vaccines, i actually think i read Bezos being on that

the clinical immortality pill lol


i doubt it - genetic programming has like humans at a max of 120-130 years (i think) before they start disintegrating more or less, ofcourse no one reaches that, but a few got pretty close so you'de have to re-wire the whole system into a chain reaction of regeneration ad infinitum

and since it took them two years to end the pandemic ("no comment")

i fear that might be even harder

we'll just have to keep those telomeres in good shape until then
(if you want that i thint the book was called "the telomere effect" )

most enlightening

rockstar billionnaires

musk might be a nut to the point where they take away his toys at Tesla (which i think is really odd in a "free market" for a private guy - but the company is public probably , even if he made the best quarter ever by just buying and selling bitcoin but the Jeff .... i dont know

he has this fuehrer thing going on sometimes ... i dont know what to think of the guy - he's obviously genius or else you cant get there but you know



as long as he keeps shooting stuff into space i'll forgive his minor sins and slavelabour lol

progress !

much needed considering the state the place is in and that it will likely not get too much better in the next ten years

opening up space would be like the 1960s all over

at the initial cost of thousands of pioneers ofcourse ... let alone prime game for the blower-uppers

maybe in our lifetime

maybe even more if the jeff figures out the pill


i doubt they'll sell that for a fiver

... at least things are somewhat interesting

a bit of a french revolution maybe, taking the offshore villas back from the sun kings ... a bit of a "take the trillion from the guys who have it" for the infrastructure and it might yet get in balance

and dam' my arm still hurts

up and down, it was gone now its back

no way i can prove it was their homeless vaccine ofcourse but i read last week they found another side effect in that too


at least im

"60% against delta" protected

tsk ...


up and at 'em


Bernard Arnault is francais, you would know em as Louis Vuitton ,Dior etc and all the other fashion stuff and im sure there missing some arabs oil guys and a whole bunch in hiding :))) yeah were just going to sue em . https://www.jccf.ca/justice-centre-gives-ontario-final-warning-over-vax-passports/ probably the only thing they understand anyways...


wow, THAT much money in fashion ....

its a rich mans world after all then , just like the occupation in the restaurants showed, the more stars : the fuller lol

med and guttertrash just cant afford anymore , and i think they upped the VAT from 6 to 12 (after all its all over and they still wont consider going back to one fed-gov - but i think thats not just b/c they would cut their own pay - - they would lose so many "paid"-voters they couldnt form a coalition against the far right anymore ... and then there's the part where smart guys like abu jaja quit actively propagating the arab party or they could be a real contender too these days ... but the good thing there is take any two kind of muslims and when the camera's off they won't get along either , it kinda shows from afghanistan to iraq iran to everywhere BUT


i feel lately like the bucket is full so im going for blissful ignorance for a while. The way i see it between this summer and next spring the only thing that exists are question marks and in the name of looking good im fairly sure more will be created. So ... while burning out into a vegetative state is also a kind of bliss (i suppose) , blowing a fuse tends to have more collateral damage to it than i could at the moment afford so ...

even without my cabin in the woods, i'll need some distance - its a real problem when mundanes cant lie and all telepaths need is line of sight, you know :-)

j/k but not about that

hm yes, well here its a jungle, there was talk about it but politically speaking no one wants to stick their neck out (again) and i read "this school" forbids the profs of asking for it and others would , its just one big total mess lol ...

thats mainly why ... i need some bliss

and the only way i know is ignorance since the rest costs money

i still feels its a personal choice but that also means you dont get to violate the choice of people who DO, right ?

so instead of mandating, since the west has become so weak, they should just leave it to business owners and school boards

and wash their hands, isnt that what they like to do ?

then everyone can choose

you know the legal battle will take longer than the pandemic anyway if you attack the gov't itself - its probably a waste of money better spent on rallying public opinion around election issues (but i didnt say that ... i dont wanna be Assanged lol)

take care over there ...