Yah holo ! PHP 8 in mah house (finally)

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im not sure about justyy-the-witness there and what kind of kids he keeps around but matrix transposition is something i believe most adults and hard and smart workers in a 100 mile radius (most ...) would have issues with lol

GOOD STUFF THOUGH - a witness that actually is active - its almost unheard of, even before the takeover wars

most are like elder treants ... sleeping while draining the pond :)

no offense - if you can do it and no one stops you then why wouldnt you , right - it just means its a free place and humans are humans, people = people wherever you go

that said,


even if i wont have it at my host yet , and if i do probably not configurable to the point where i personally get to choose which scripts are kept compiled and which are on the fly (they call it other things like GIT and JIT and whatnot - but im not l33t or fashionable (i dont even do python, go figure ... i checked the M.I.T. new lingo invention but imo its "just another python" for fashionable strict people, built to make supercomputers run at 75% speed since no one bothers to learn the machine anymore)


me ?

you could figure it out from what i post, its what i call the curse of stack-overlords

its how i have to figure things out , mostly its like "RFTM" and then you ask a question and five people explain "HOW TO POSE A QUESTION" and no one gives a simple 5 second answer, which would be easy for them so

you get to know people for what they are in the long run and you don't go on git b/c you know some salesforce-for-brain will pick up your stuff and sell it, and get you absolutely nothing, if possible even pretending its their idea or if crApple, maybe patenting it , then sueing you for having it in the open on sourceforge

so you dont, right?

but REJOICE - php 8 !

seems to act like ...

chicken ? no

about the same as 7.4 on first sight its not like i run simulations of the universe- though having the option to have compiled executables might turn "a thing for gateways and generated html" into something a bit more jolly

i guess we'll find out sooner or later - me, myself, i and the other one, while some of the others have the urge to do stuff

like #stuff and stuff, you know

all of them

in me there, yes

not half as crazy as you say , but at least ten times more than you think

it just doesnt show, your crazy means im not on average and behave in pre-scribed patterns so

i quit caring long ago i do

but that hellfire

i guess thats a thing with hellfire

just wont cool

it needs a few pounds of flesh i think

here is how

Screenshot from 2021-01-14 06-02-29(edgingonthedge).png

#php 8 on #linux #mint 20

like a charm

oh : ftr ::

the repository when used in combo with apache2 (which i use mostly other than lighttpd (which doesnt seem to work too well with newest php versions but might be able to with some tinkering but i use that for the lite anyway)

should be :



sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ondrej/apache2

then apt update and apt upgrade or else use this right away


so , thats how you're supposed to get it most of the time

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