Drip, drip drip,....#18!

4개월 전

This is what I get from nearly four years of contributing fine opinions to this blockchain?

I get locked out because of some butt hurt racists with new found power?



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I'm not sure why I keep upvoting these. Why do you keep making them? Are you hoping to remedy the situation? I don't think this strategy is going to work. In the meantime, I'll keep supporting you because I think you got screwed.


Lol, thank you for your support.
I keep making these because at some point I make enough noise to get my account back.
I hope.
I might stop at some point, but that point isn't yet here.
I've already prevailed over the racist flaggots that started this snowball rolling down the hill, now the question is if my persistence earns respect with @justinsunsteemit and @steemitblog.