#STWT Show 156: Pirate Tales of Ghosts and Ships. Are Ghosts Real & Are They Demons?


#STWT Show 156: Pirate Tales of Ghosts and Ships. Are Ghosts Real & Are They Demons?

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This is the 156th #STWT Show, and this is our Annual Halloween program where I do a deep dive into the world of the paranormal activity that has been caught on camera. Are Ghosts real? What are Ghosts? When was the first ever recorded Ghost in History? What are the best tales of Pirate Ghost ships? All of these questions are discussed and the best paranormal activity videos I know if were shown and discussed. I even added my own tales of the dead at the end.

Paranormal Activity
Ghost of Jean Laffitte
The Flying Dutchman Ghost Ship
Ghosts Caught on Camera
Are Ghosts Demons?
History of Ghosts and Paranormal Activity
Ghost Hunters / TAPS best evidence
Waverly Hills Sanitarium
USS Salem
Plus much more.

Bitchute Upload: https://www.bitchute.com/video/PxihvXxUn6l1/

Hive Show Notes for this Section:

Ghosts and the Paranormal Show Links for the Paranormal Investigator out there...

"Ghosts at Biden's rally: https://twitter.com/ImperatorTruth/status/1321188309901725696?s=20

  1. History of Ghost Stories: https://twitter.com/ImperatorTruth/status/1321192025576886273?s=20

Trapped in the ether: https://altcensored.com/watch?v=ElldfNiJRYs

8min, 11:40,

Grandma: https://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/75xw3d/grandmas_light_is_always_on/

Coast to Coast am: https://www.coasttocoastam.com/photos/supernatural-paranormal/

Amityville Horror or Hoax? https://twitter.com/ImperatorTruth/status/1321193177123069960?s=20

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