The Ghent Mystery of Cicada 3301, Corona News, ALGO & ARRR News, Epstein Ring, ETC.


The Ghent Mystery of Cicada 3301, Corona News, ALGO & ARRR News, Epstein Ring, ETC.

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This is the 179th #STWT spitting truth with Titus Show. During this episode we deep dived some very interesting topics. Starting off with a continued investigation into the lost panel of the Ghent Alter-piece known as the Just Judges. We are attempting to track down the location of this famous historic artwork, and we possibly think we have found a lead on where it may be. The Square in Ghent may have a well and an underground passage? The search continues Cicada 3301, Liber Primus.

Next we analyzed the ever increasing clown world, as Joe Biden gets handled by Jill and the entire country is falling apart as part of the Great Reset. The Corona Plague continues to have the narrative fall apart as it is more and more evident it was not only a "lab leak" but an actual planned event, see Lockstop, Dark Winter or Event 201. We also talked about Cyber Polygon which may be the next big false flag.

Finally we analyzed the recent happenings in crypto currency, big news for both $ARRR Pirate Chain such as being added to Gate.IO and also Algorand getting 100M from Arrington and teaming up with the City of Miami. The CBDC great reset is upon us, so get privacy coins and retake your financial privacy or make potential huge wealth on Algorand as the blockchain seems to be what the bankers will use for CBDC's. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE.

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