An easy Sunday wind down

9개월 전

I spent my Sunday mainly video editing.
It’s on a music video edit I need to polish and deliver ASAP.

Work has been very fruitful lately, and as the saying goes, ‘make hay while the sun shines’.
Plenty of opportunities and I’ve taken on all I can manage in terms of shoot and edit work.

Even if I work myself to the ground for two months I can always take a decent chunk of time off in March as things wind down.

I’m physically battered though, especially after a very physical day yesterday with the kids.
Either I have early stage Coronavirus or I’m just a bit knackered from being the old man I’m turning slowly in to.
I’m aching everywhere. 😑

I’m up at 6am tomorrow for a 7am journey to London too.
I’m shooting an interview setup. I’m not too thrilled for such an early start but at least I’m not driving.

Wish me luck. 😆

(With this post I’m also going to see if I can get a payout from @partiko for my app points...

I’ve a feeling the app has been abandoned and the vote is worth nothing, but it’s worth a pop, right?

It’s says the max amount of points I can use is 6600... not a drop on the 100k I accumulated 😂)

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