Made a new logo design for myself! Updated: Two Colored Calligraphy / Two Black & White



I was just about to post something about my first sewing project since coming back...when I realized that I do not have a CreativeMoon logo and needed one for the cover graphic! I managed to whip up something rather nice reasonably fast...but already knew improvements would be needed. After two more hours of work...I have updated this post with four much nicer logo designs. What do you think about the second iterations of my snazzy new logo and future branding for this profile and other CreativeMoon accounts? Do you have a favorite one? The crescent moon...tiger stripes and rainbow color scheme are all very significant and highly symbolic elements that represent me as a person and artist quite perfectly! The black and white versions could easily be used for printing, stickers or turned into stamps...although I might tone down and thin out the solid black stripes before that happens.


You can support upcoming projects with a direct donation. This will give me the freedom to spend more time making creative stuff to share!

#art #creative #graphicdesign #logo #color #branding #creativecoin #tiger #logodesign #sublimesunday #artist #rainbow #moon #designer #entrepreneur

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Simple and beautiful!
You really good at what you do.

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The top right is my first option and favorite, simple and straight to the point.😘

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Thanks! <3
That one is my favorite one too!

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I like the top right one the best, but they are both very good !COFFEEA

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It’s pretty 😄 you’re right about the font though 😆

Are you going to bother with the usual logo rules? And is the background part of the logo?

I love the gradient and the tiger stripes!

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Thanks! Updated the graphics since last you saw it! I have never been one to follow artistic They can be vectorized with flat colors or whatever else needs to be done for print quality later. The text is much better now and there are now two text versions for each style. Not sure what I was thinking...posting something that still needed so much work...hahahaha. The moon and the text are transparent but a black background or something similar will be there for contrast for when it needs to be an avatar or profile picture or banner.

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Hi, I look for graphical designer to redesign my logo. Are you interested in this?


I am very interested...however do not currently have the time!
Perhaps we can talk about this again in the near future? :D


Can I contact you on Discord? Or when I will run some logo-contest, can I let you know or tag you in the post? Will that work for you?