A Squirrel-ly Sublime Sunday!


Hey All! I thought I would do something cute today and had some photos of a hungry little squirrel that I was saving for a day such as this. Additionally, I did some edits on this already adorable little squirrel which I hope you will like as well.



The squirrel was just outside my window when I spotted him or her. There is a black walnut tree across the street and the walnuts tend to roll over towards our yard when they fall off onto the street. He was anxiously looking for a walnut to nibble on and, lucky for me, he was within camera shot of my window. Of course, he would have to get through the husk (outer shell) of the black walnut to get to the nutmeat inside first.



This cute squirrel went for a big round walnut and tried to bite through it even though there were a couple of squished walnuts in the driveway. I said he was cute not smart..lol.



I'm just kidding as they can get through the husk part fairly easily as I've seen them do so but he thought he would take a "crack" at the big round one.



He finally realized before long that there were some squished ones on the driveway and went for the easy meal instead.


I was able to get some additional photos of his search which I put into a collage. These photos did not come out as well since he was running around most of the time but I thought you would still like to see them. 😉


Hope you enjoyed seeing this cute little squirrel and it took your mind off of any serious stuff for a few minutes. I know it did take my mind off of some serious stuff for a little bit while I was putting my post together. 🙄
Okay! Okay! Just a few more edits then back to worrying it is!




Thank you @c0ff33a for #sublimesunday!!





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Thank you very much @pixresteemer!! 😘

I am !DERANGED and give some away too...


Thank you so much @pixelfan!! 🤗

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Thanks so much @beerlover and @pixresteemer!! 🍻 😋

Watching animals can sure take your mind away from negative thoughts...


Watching animals
Can sure take your mind away
From negative thoughts...

                 - manorvillemike

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Thank you very much @manorvillemike!! It sure can! 🙂

I can never get that close to a squirrel before it runs away. I did manage to make one really mad at me once. I made it leave our gazebo netting alone. It yelled at me from the tree for a time that afternoon. lol


Lol..I can just picture that squirrel chattering away at you Deb! 🤣


For awhile after that, we'd see the turd on our front porch when we got home. We made a lot of jokes about him still being after me. lol

Amazing captures and edits of the cute squirrel Dee! Your cartoon gave we a nice chuckle. 😂

I hope he has good strong teeth to crack those walnuts as he looks older.


Thank you very much Jo!! I'm happy it gave you a chuckle..lol. You know what? I have a funny photo of a squirrel that looks like it has lipstick on and I bet it is the staining from these walnuts. Just thought about that..lol. 🤣

Squirrels are cute and very sensitive.


Thanks @faisalamin and I think they are very cute also! 🙂

  ·  작년

Haha...you really enjoyed putting that funny post together it took all the worry away for awhile at least...hehe 😅


Thanks so much @hangin!! It sure did..for a little while anyway..lol. 😉

  ·  작년

Haha...nice to hear 😊