Farewell Long Weekend

2년 전

It is Sunday night, and I am enjoying a quiet night on the couch wishing the long weekend could be just a little bit longer.

All the cozy.

This weekend was hectic and busy in the best way. It started with a day of Thanksgiving prep on Wednesday - cleaning, cooking and all the things you do before having company over. Then Thursday was the big day of feasting and family time. Exhausting for the effort involved and because of the full belly after dinner.

The fam.

Instead of lazing around Friday, the morning was a clean up fest from the feast the day before. Then the afternoon was filled with friends. The kind of friends you are thankful to have chosen to also be your family. We played video games, ate pizza and got a little boozy over trivia.

Nintendo faces.

Games, cheese, wine, pie and a dog... #beststuff.

Then came SATURDAY. Saturday I braved a mall, visited an LCS (heartbreakingly with NO SUCCESS) and got to shopping for the onslaught of more guests. However, the biggest event of the day was #steemsilvergold’s MONSTER RAFFLE THREE!

So many pretty things up for grabs.

I love Monster Raffle day. It is always chaos. 😄 The whole steem silver gold community gets together (and are joined by confused visitors) while participating in Steemit’s biggest raffle. It is like a family reunion - People talking over one another, a drunk uncle (not naming names... 🕺🏼⚡️🍆), silliness. I always feel really connected to our group after Monster Raffle day. It’s a great time.

Just a taste of the discord nuttiness.

Saturday night dinner guests meant more over eating, games and adult beverages. I was pretty knackered by this point, but managed to rally until their late night departure. After a quick tidy it was time for bed.

Guests brought flowers! ☺️

Even the dogs were exhausted!

This brings us to Sunday. Today was the ultimate day of laziness I had been craving since Thursday. I left the house once, but otherwise today was couch, internet, pj’s and leftovers! There were couch naps. Dinner was apple pie. Everyone slept in until almost 8!! It was sublime and I am desperately wishing for a repeat tomorrow.

Alas tomorrow it is back to #thecube.

Despite the looming work week, I would say this weekend was a great kick off to the holidays. Time with family. Time with friends. Time with internet friends. ☺️ There is tons to look forward to in the weeks ahead and I am ready to get the party started. 🎉 🎄 🎅🏻 🥂

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No, It's Monday already? I'm glad you had a nice weekend with your family.


And now it’s Tuesday! Which means one day closer to the sweet freedom of the weekend again. 😍🎉

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I loved reading your article. Thank you for sharing your hectic but fun week/weekend with the family! I can feel the warmth of your home! Have a great work week ahead! Take care.


Awww, thanks @silversaver888! I love this time of year. It is always a good busy. Enjoy your work week too.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

That turkey outfit is Hawt!!!



It appeals to both fans of breasts and legs. 😂🤣


Where the “toe” lofl!!! 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭


Yes kids. We always save the toe for daddy. It’s his favorite cut from the bird.


I am right there with you @dfinney! I wish the weekend would have been extended just a little more too. Before long we will all be back out of the cube for Christmas, so we have that to look forward to. Haha!


#cubefree!!!! I cannot wait.

@dfinney nice share of your long weekend. Just think how wonderful your Life is because you are a @ssg-community member............


Some might even call it glorious..... ☺️

Awesome stuff... Stralia... is getting closer by the minute to me... hard to talk though... you guys are like... a couple of miles (3 hours at least) away from us. But I still feel its very close. Just like I was close to Spain!


Ahhh NZ! I have never been but would like to one day. I am actually in the US. The sweet marsupial xmas table covering got sent over by my in-laws.... who are very much in Stralia. ☺️🐨

What a splendid cosy fireplace, already decorated for Christmas socks and all. It looks like your Thanksgiving holiday was filled with family, fun and good food - the ideal holiday for sure!

I have heard the MonsterRaffle was a huge event, plenty of familiar names in your little Discord snippet - the community spirit is incredible with #steemsilvergold and I keep seeing posts filled with the most amazing silver coins in.

I totally approve of you cheese selection, Camembert is a favourite of mine but an acquired taste none of my family share - so I rarely get to enjoy. The pie with ice cream scoop looks delicious as well - I wonder what the pie is though?

The pooches look super chilled in their blankets, an enjoyable weekend for all it seems - thank you so much for sharing it as your #SublimeSunday - like so many of the other posters using the tag I enjoy an entirely different view of life from around the world.

#thealliance #witness


I have been meaning to respond to your lovely comment for days!!! Hello!

One - Thank you for popping past my blog. ☺️

Two - YOUR FAMILY DOESN’T ENJOY CAMEMBERT?!!! Hmmm this is a troubling state that I hope you can overcome somehow. What about Bree as a gateway cheese? Or maybe top the cheese with some delicious fig jam? 😄

Thank you for creating such a sublime tag for folks to use when jabbering on at the last of the weekend. Hope this Sunday has been a lovely one for you! Cheers!