Our First Mountain BBQ In Months

9개월 전

If you know me well, you would know I'm a mountain addict. And a few days ago, I had a mini dose of mountain air.

We didn't climb rocks, or camp, or anything extreme, but we had a wonderful afternoon that broke the Corona Virus routine.

Ten was our number, mostly cousins (and yes that cousin was with us hehe and we forgot to take a photo for all of us), some are friends, Scouting is our common passion, and yesterday we decided to go to the nearby historical mountain town (The ruins of a mountain town where our ancestors used to live). The last time I visited that place was the last weekend before the lock-down. But now that the virus is under control, we're allowed to "breathe".

We had a Barbecue. Of course, I had to be the one taking care of the fire, that's the only cooking I can do. I only put the mask on for that photo, to document the fact that we went there during the crisis hehe. Masks aren't mandatory, not necessary, because the only three cases we had in our state, have recovered, and now we're a covid free state.

Then we ate and played "Loup Garou", a game I love playing at night when camping, but this was the first time I play it in daylight. Which made it a little harder because it's all about bluffing and misleading people about your role in the game, something that darkness can make easier hehe. I might make a whole post about the rules of the game and how fun it is, maybe.

PS: I had a hair cut since then hehe

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