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I have done Fishing before so when friends decided to go for Fishing it was very exciting for me. We all got geared up with all the equipment's and got set for Fishing. We did not intend going in middle of the sea for fishing but just doing it at the shore itself.
Sadly when we reached there it was low tide so we had to wait for a long time till there was a high tide and we could do it.
It was so much fun, there were many other people also who had come for fishing and they were having some very good catch which made us all the more excited and motivated :-)

This was when we reached, you will see that there is low tide so we really could not do anything for almost an hour, but we patiently waited and it got better.

The boys are preparing the bait

There you see other people are also out there trying their luck

Our first catch, we are so excited

And then we managed to get some more. The boys next to us had collected a bag full of fishes, we just got 4. So we gave ours also to them.

And I was having a good fun time with my friend's little one

So that's how we ended the day with fun and laughter

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That is kick ass! What kind of fish is that? I'm not too familiar with a lot of ocean fish. Fresh water - all day, I live in the middle of the continent so don't get to the seaside much LOL!


Honestly I am not sure of what fish is this, looks like a bigger version of Mackerel...hehehe

There is nothing as fun as the thrill you get when you cast your line into the waters and a fish of unknown size (the bigger the better) and species takes off with the hook and bait in its mouth, while your heart beats rapidly as you reel it into shore! @nainaztengra 🎣 🌊🐟
@tipu curate


Thank you for visiting my blog @ninahaskin. True it was so much of a joy, was my first time so all the more the excitement was there


I am happy that you have keepsake photo memories of the special ocassion & hope it was the first of many! There is a motto I remember my father had when I was young that said each time you go fishing you add a year to your life 😀