How to success before mid 30 !!

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If you want to success before mid 30, all you have to do is just three basic things...

  1. Grow Self-confidence
  2. Make your next 10 years plan
  3. Keep working so hard that, you may have to use a tissue even in an AC room!

  1. Start a side hustle.
    Even if the first one fails—and the statistics say it probably will—you’re gaining critical skills for the next project.

  2. Shoot for a leadership role.
    Ask for responsibility that’s just outside your comfort zone. You’ll grow a lot, and impress your bosses.

  3. Pick an industry that has product life cycle growth.
    “Not a fading one. Fax machines in the ’80s was a great business. Today, not so much. Social media today is a good example.” ―James Sbrolla, entrepreneur-in-residence, RIC Center Business Incubator

  4. Start your business when you are young and poor.
    “Travel when you are old and rich.” ―Doug Feaver, entrepreneur and real estate investor

  5. Find the right culture for you.
    “Every company has its own distinct work and office culture, and ideally you’ll find a company whose values reflect and resonate with your own. Otherwise, it could get awful, with you feeling compromised and going against the grain.” ―Sam Hiyate, president of the Rights Factory literary agency

  6. Take your business seriously.
    “Eventually other people will too.” ―Doug Feaver

  7. Negotiate Better.
    “People will always be making demands on your time, and the sooner you learn how to negotiate with your bosses, your colleagues and in your personal life, the happier you’ll be.” ―Sam Hiyate

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” ―Mark Twain

  1. Set up an automatic savings and investment account.
    Compound interest in the hands of a 20-year-old is a fearsome weapon.

  2. Build good credit.
    “No one is going to give you a business loan if you can’t pay your credit card bill.” ―Doug Feaver

  3. Don’t worry about short-term revenue.
    “Focus on the long game.” ―James Sbrolla

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