Is Your Life Unhappy?

4년 전

Life is unhappy, so we are always not satisfied. There are two kinds of human satisfaction, one for oneself and one for the outside world. We can not control the outside world, the outside world is often made to prevent our unpleasant, such as today did not catch up with the last bus at get off work, traffic jams in the morning, these outside unpleasant will inevitably affect our own dissatisfaction, is not my innate Life is not good, unlucky things accounted for, is not born not, why so many unhappy?


At this time, people will have feelings of self-esteem, when it comes to this self-pity, can temporarily let themselves in the realm of self, isolation and unpleasant facts with the outside world, resulting in an indignant complex. To put it simply, converting unlucky facts into inner emotions does not take into account the fact itself, but rather makes one feel emotional.

This allows us to temporarily forget the fact itself and experience a painful emotion. If at this time, you can defeat yourself and use powerful inner forces to resolve it, then people will welcome the "sun still rising tomorrow" But some people will be immersed in a depressed mood, self-pity, can not extricate themselves.

At this time, some people would say that in the downturn, what should we do? What I am trying to say is that your downturn is the result of a kind of "thinking". Your attention is thinking. To change the way of "thinking" into "doing," then your attention shifts , You will change the moment, and into another feeling, then the downturn is interrupted, you can be in another dimension, and thus changed himself.

"Doing" is the meaning of doing things, you keep doing things, there is no opportunity or time to think about those who experience bad emotions. Once there was a boyfriend in love, in a deep pain, parents suggested that he go to find a job, he found a programmer's job, in order to get rid of pain, he devoted himself to work, weekends nor Rest, later, appreciated by the boss, not only raise the salary, but also was mentioned as the director of the Ministry of technology. The boys in this real story are success stories of shifting their attention through work and getting rid of the pain of romance. There are always many unpleasant things in life. However, when we face disappointments, we should firmly believe that any problem is a solution. Sometimes it is because we change the way we think and change it.

Human life is actually a manifestation of energy. When our energy is blocked in this way, we will change another way. When our energy is blocked in this time and space, it will not change. A place to start again. Our unhappy discomfort is that the energy of our life is not smooth and there is no free flow. All we have to do is to find the right place for the right person to the right person and to make us smooth.

We have no obligation and no way to make everyone satisfied, but we should most satisfy ourselves and make ourselves happy. And the path to happiness is also our lifelong struggle. We must work hard to prove our success and value . Diligent solid work, will make us seldom fall into a spiritual crisis, will make us a realist, of course, will also make us more successful.

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