Deep thinking links directly to a person’s ability to sustain focus on a particular subject. In order to accomplish anything of value in life, I truly believe one must have or be in process of developing the ability to think deeply.


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Because in life achieving anything worthwhile can be extraordinarily complicated and we need to account for this. So in no particular order...

  • We need to know how to navigate the unrelenting array of obstacles that will cross our path.

  • We need to understand the most efficient system that will allow us to accomplish our goal.

  • We need to know what we are willing to sacrifice in order to make our dreams a reality.

  • We need to build good habits that allow us to progress when we have no motivation left to draw upon.

  • We need to know when to readjust and reformat our system, habits, or thought process to keep moving forward.

This of course is an oversimplification of the need of deep thinking to achieve your goal because there may be more to the process depending on the individual needs of the goal.

So why do people so often fall short of their goals?

Because most people do not take the time to think deeply about their goals… But why?

Well there are millions of reasons why… overbearing distractions, information overload, hectic work and family lives, poor health, television/video game/social media addiction ect ect…

But it really boils down to one fact! THINKING DEEPLY IS DIFFICULT!

It is uncomfortable. It forces you to face facts. It forces you to be realistic, ruthless, and relentless. It often makes you toss your fairy tale dreams in the trash in favor of a more realistic solution.

BRUTAL! But effective. So effective that no one who has ever accomplished something big or great has ever done without.

As it turns out there is great value in the school of hard knocks, truth, and realism.

So think deeply. Account for all variables. Plan for all contingencies. Know exactly what you are getting into and know exactly how much blood you are willing to spill(figuratively!!!) to get what you want. Unlock your power.

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