You Are The Reason Your Blog Is Failing!

2년 전

The accusatory, second-person writing style of this article may seem harsh, but I believe that the message is true. As I read and re-read my own words, I will be forced to deal with the "you" accusations as well.

As we all strive for success, we need to make sure that we are willing to make personal adjustments so that our work has the best opportunity to succeed.


Good News First

I firmly believe that everyone (well almost everyone) has a solid idea for a book, blog, or website stuck somewhere in their head. We all have a unique combination of life experiences, passion, and expertise that can serve others if channeled in the proper way.

Most people will never, ever attempt to bring what is in their minds to paper or the internet. Fear prevents most people from even starting.

For the rest of us (the dreamers, the adventure seekers, the people who want to change the world), fear is no longer our greatest enemy, we are!

You Dream Big, But You Keep Failing.

You have the dream. You are overcoming the fear. You know your motivations (money, fame, life-style change, helping others, etc). So why do you keep failing?

You might be experiencing one or more of the following obstacles.

1. You lack patience.

Think of all the people you know who overcame fear to try something new only to give up without investing enough time and effort into their new adventure.

That could be you. Being patient enough to wait for results is one key to the long-term success of your blog, book, or any other project that you are working on. Simply put, you need to give it some time to succeed. Persevere!

Remember that "Rome was not built in a day." We live in a microwave world and expect instant results. You might need to change your mindset and give your project a little bit (or a whole lot) more time to succeed.

Remember that "why you need to succeed" will not make you succeed. But your willingness to invest time and effort in developing genuine relationships and great content will increase your chances of success.

2. You lack discipline.

If you have given the project enough time to succeed, but have not done the work necessary to succeed then you are stilling going to fail.

If you thought that success was going to be easy, then you were dead wrong. A lot of hard work is required! New initiatives require an extensive amount of effort and energy.

If you feel overwhelmed by the tasks that you are facing, start breaking up the project into manageable pieces.

  • Determine a reasonable finish date for your project.
  • Divide the project into major parts. Divide major parts into tasks that can be accomplished in one day.
  • Consistently work on your project every day.

You might work hard and still not succeed. But I guarantee you will fail if you are not willing to work hard.

3. You don't have a niche.

You might be failing because you don't have an audience. You can create great content, draw great artwork, and provide great services, but without an audience, you are going to fail. Building an audience (by networking and building relationships) is an important step in achieving success.

Now that you have an audience make sure that you understand their needs. It is easier to keep a follower than it is to find a new one. Invest in the people who have expressed interest in your work. Communicate with them about their needs and how you can help them.

You might be failing because you are trying to create a product or service for everyone instead of focusing on a small, strategic group of people. I would rather have a smaller number of fully committed followers than a large number of unengaged followers. Finding a niche is a great way to meet very specific needs and grow an interactive community.

4. You haven't yet found your voice and/or point of view (POV).

If you are delivering the same material as everyone else, you will get the same results as everyone else. One reason why people might read your blog (or book) is because you provide a unique perspective on the topic of interest. How you communicate can be just as important as what you communicate.

People want to hear the real you. A lot of readers are tired of the same bland viewpoint that everyone else is passing out. They are ready for a new voice and a new perspective.

5. You came to receive. You are not yet ready to give.

Your readers, followers, and/or potential customers will quickly see your motivations. They can see when you are wanting more than you are willing to give. I understand that business is about making money, but you can not make money if you are not willing to serve others.

You readers will notice when you are living out of scarcity instead of living out of abundance. They can sense if you are expecting something before you are willing to give something.

If you started a blog to make a lot of money, you need to be willing to sacrifice first before you should expect results.

6. You are comparing yourself to other people.

In our digital world, we run the danger of expecting quick results without doing the hard work. When you look around and see a lot of successful people, be sure not to compare yourself to them.

You are starting from the beginning. They have been traveling down their path for a long time. You might not know their past failures from what you see today. You have not seen the tears they have cried or the countless times that they wanted to give up.

All you see is today. Let their success motivate you to strive for success. Find great role models and mirror your actions and behaviors after them. And if a successful blogger or author offers you advice, follow it.

Final Thoughts

Success is not guaranteed. Many of the most successful people you know have failed many, many times. What separates them from other people is that they get back up and try again. They do not let their past failures define them.

We live in a world where many of the traditional barriers to starting something new have been removed. But we still must put in the time and effort to reach our goals.

Be encouraged, friend! Keep moving forward and keep Steeming!

What is the biggest obstacle preventing you from being successful?

Share with us in the comments section.


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You really hit the nail about patience and comparing with others, those I find are my weakest points. I've been here for almost a year now and I love what I already achieved but when things seem to slow down it can be really frustrating.

Thanks for sharing! It's a nice remainder.


@siucatti, I completely understand what you mean by getting frustrated when things get slow. But keep your head up. It is great that you can look back and celebrate what you have achieved.

Keep moving forward and keep Steeming!

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Wow there is so much good content in this one post!!! These are some really great points of advice and some really great things to think about. I agree with finding your niche. It seems once I knew the areas I was best at sharing, things took off for me. The part about giving and just not receiving is Huge! I’m witnessing this with the weekly initiative I created. People are so quick to post and run but really don’t take the time to support and give back through feedback and upvotes.

Really nice job on this one! 👌🏽


Thanks for the kinds words. I am glad to hear that you found your niche. It is exciting that your weekly initiative is going well. I also get frustrated when people post and run. I try to connect with everyone who leaves a comment. I know I miss some, but my goal is to make people feel welcome. I hope it works!

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You are very welcome! I try to connect with everyone too, it makes a huge difference.

Oh awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this gift! I’ll check it out! 😊

You are absolutely right, @sumatranate, the niche in particular, I think, is what gets people the most.

As a reader and consumer of art, I want to know what watching your channel adds to an already overcrowded feed that I don't have enough time to read every post on.

You address this so succinctly in this post by outlining the need for direction if your goal is success.

Not to undermine the importance of perspective, both in the amount of time success is achieved and in comparing yourself to others - both of which you fully address here and in more detail than I could, but I think the instilled since of direction is so important to consistent idea generation.

But yes, all to say, thank you for this enlightening writeup, my man, glad to have stumbled across your words here on this small corner of the interweb.


@camalain7, thanks for the encouraging words. I always enjoy reading your comments.

Knowing where you want to go and taking steps to get there is so important. I agree that we all need a good dose of perspective.

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I feel that my biggest obstacle is finding my niche. My interests are varied and I tend to jump around between subjects. I think that I need to focus on one area. I just don't know yet which one.


I feel that way, too. I have broad themes that tie together my interests, but they are not all in one "niche".


Now I am curious :) Headed over to view some of your content :)


I haven't posted in a while, though I read and comment frequently. I'm interested in decentralized networks (tech and social), programming, books and talking about ideas that matter.

Fear of failure is my biggest obstacle. I often think something won't work or will take too I talk myself out of even trying. I am working to overcome that, because I know that outside the comfort zone is where success is found. I am eagerly learning about Steemit and how to be successful here, and for some reason, I don't have that fear of failing!


Thanks for adding to the conversation. I am glad that you do not fear failure in our community. I wish you the best.

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Well done Sir, well spoken.My biggest obstacle from being successful should be my discipline, fear and determination. Once I overcome those factors with addition to what you listed above I can achieve almost anything.


@shadowmancer, don't let fear win. Keep moving forward and keep Steeming!

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Yes Sir I'll do that

OUCH! - Very valid observations in a lot of cases. I always like to remind people not to compare themselves to others.


@papa-pepper, we really need to hear that message over and over. Even though we know we should not compare ourselves we keep on doing it.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

I am never gonna be able to live out of my blogging, I have accepted that, simply because my personal and bussiness obligations will never allow me, but that is not the most important for me. The most important is to express yourself creatively, to reveal a side of you that you can not express otherwise. Good thing about internet is that you can write, expose yourself to the world and yet never reveal true identity.


What is important is that you know why you blog! I am glad that you have a way to reveal your creative side, but not reveal your identity. Have a great day!

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I think a lot of people need to read this, so I’m resteeming. I’ve come across a few posts in the last few days from people getting discouraged so early in their game here, and in every single one, they’re comparing themselves to others. I don’t know much about their strengths and weaknesses as far as discipline or patience or generosity, but the posts are always, “What they got, what I don’t got.”

I’ve never compared myself to anyone in any part of my life and came out of it feeling great about myself. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson on that one, but time will tell I suppose! :)


Thanks for the kind words and the resteem. We all have to be really careful with "What they got, what I don’t got." That is a spark of division waiting to turn into a wildfire.

Great addition to the conversation!

I’ve never compared myself to anyone in any part of my life and came out of it feeling great about myself.

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What do you mean it is going to take work and patience? I am but a snowflake so special and better then anyone else who has walked the earth. My personal point of view demands attention and payment directly upon posting. I demand to be paid for your right to read my amazing and life changing words. <SARCASM.....I think some of it is the attitude I parodied . Some of the blogs are just drivel. Not all are equal and the payouts reflect it. Buck up and hone your craft. Thank you for trying to offer help. RESPECT


@fracasgrimm, I always enjoy a daily dose of sarcasm. You are correct that many people see themselves as the center of the universe. So when other people do not affirm those feelings, then the emotional dam explodes.

Thanks for adding to the conversation. Thanks for stopping by!

  ·  2년 전

This was a really good post. I think at one point or another we all go through some of your talking points. I have fallen into one of those 6 categories many times in my short time on Steemit. I am doing my best to change my attitude though and pull myself onto the right path.


@bozz, thanks for the comment. It is really easy to fall into one of these traps. I am encouraged that you are changing your attitude so that you can find a successful path. Keep pushing forward and keep Steeming!

I was practically jumping up and down in full agreement as I read this post (truthfully, I was sitting with my feet propped on the ottoman and a cup of coffee, but INSIDE I was jumping up and down). These were all excellent points. My biggest obstacles to success are Patience and Comparing.

With patience, it's not like I just one day look around and decide I don't have patience for this and walk away; it's more like becoming lukewarm over time, and slowly the disciplined habits I created fall away one at a time until I look around and I've quit.

But, Comparing myself to others also honers me by putting me into a negative mindset. I'll see someone I like, check their start date and reputation and followers and maybe even their wallet, compare myself and feel like a loser. So, now I tell myself "no, not gonna look". It puts me in a better mindset, one where creativity flows more easily.

Thanks @sumatranate


So glad that my post made you jump up and down (internally that is). You bring up a great point. Some people lose patience, others do not any patience to start with. I really did not address that in the original post.

Agree. It is so much easier to find a creative spot when you are not stressing. I like to look at other people who have suceeded and see what I can do that they do, but I realize that I have to be satified where I am and take action that matches with who I am.

Thanks for adding to the conversation.

Great advice! As i read thru it i just kept shaking my head lol, sounds like the things i keep sayimg to the newbs who complain about not doing well.. i really liked ur quote

We live in a microwave world and expect instant results.

That is so great i might have to start using it myself! I live by the phrase discipline and consistency.. as ling as u keep on keeping on u will eventually get what u want, but if u give up u will never get what u want.. anyhow, really enjoyed the article, you got urself a new follower 😉


Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. Feel free to use the phrase.

Glad to hear that you are working with new users. We all need a mentor to help us find a good path. Glad that there are Steemians who are stepping up to assist.

Reading the post will be like looking in the mirror for most people - where the image talks back. This includes myself for having ignored some of the points that you have mentioned in your post.

What separates them from other people is that they get back up and try again. They do not let their past failures define them.

This! It is so crucial to understand this first before blaming everything else for failure.


@maxabit, thanks for stopping by. We do need to look at ourselves in a mirror and be honest about how we are doing.

Appreciate you stopping by and adding to the conversation.

I havent been a able to gather enough audience for area of blogging which is a little bit rare(animal health especially dogs). Thank you for the advice.its nice reading this @afeezee


Keep pressing forward. There is a Discord channel called "Looking for Niche."

I looked up "animalhealth" and there were no results.

I look up "animals" and the following names appeared: @heart-to-heart, @gingyptian


Oh thank you for the piece of information. Can you help me with the link to get to the discord i can join the channel as well?
Will be glad

Thank you for the reminders. I have more than one niche. That's my biggest hurdle. I'm fairly well known in the paranormal community, but they don't have a strong presence here and most are not interested yet. YET. I just need to apply that patience.


@lahvista, keep being patient. If you know who you are and what you have to offer, I know that you will be able to grow a following. Sometimes being the first person feels lonely, at least until others start to join. Then you are a leader.

Hi @sumatranate - feels as though you wrote this for me!

In spite of having not struck the right note for grabbing the attention of all my followers yet, I am still confident that applying your advice will deliver results in the end. My little project, which has potential to grow as big as awareness of its plusses can get, is of such a design that it can contribute to the quality of life of every single participant and can in fact be a life-changer for many.

It is simply a marketing facility, but with some distinguishing features - and that is where some of my most difficult hurdles lie, as these features are as out-of-the-box as they are distinguishing and in ways that may have conventionally oriented economists shrug in disbelief and walk on.

The greatest problem though is visibility...the hard work of changing from a lone man band competing for an audience against a symphony of established themes to at least a chamber orchestra of cooperating team members!

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I couldn't have said it better myself. Every single point you made is so honest and the truth.

People have the big dreams but when things don't pan out the way they want or think it will, they tend to give up.

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Hi @sumatranate, yeah, bit of a harsh-sounding title, but it gets attention and your content itself is problemo IMO :D

living out of scarcity instead of living out of abundance.

I personally think that this is the most important point of all, and I am delighted you made it! Inhabiting an abundance mindset is to free onself from a lot of the stresses that people place themselves under in order to be 'successful' on Steemit. Abundance means that there is enough for all, and that there will be enough for all - to the extent that comparison and accumulation become redundant activities.

Thus the fundamental question to ask is is Abundance a thing, or just bullshit? If the former, then wow, we can free ourselves of a lot of stuff. If not, well, it's back to kill or be killed in the market-capitalist world :) ... I don't wanna link to it, but I have blogged about this if interested!

Great post! I needed this reminder.

I liked point 5 a lot:

You readers will notice when you are living out of scarcity instead of living out of abundance. They can sense if you are expecting something before you are willing to give something.

It is so true. My best posts are when I am in a mindset of giving and serving, rather than thinking and hoping to land a big one. Haha.

Good work.

Realy nice post Sir!