The story of man who went from zero to six billion dollars

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Hello friends,

When we hear the word Reliance, Ambani, Jio, we either like him or hate him. But we can't ignore Ambani, because in some or the other way we hear about them. Mukesh Ambani is the richest Indian and one of the top 30 richest men in the world with a whopping net worth of $40 billion.

We always think about Mukesh Ambani when we hear the word Reliance or Jio but did anyone ever think about his dad Dhirubhai Ambani? Yes, this post is about Dhirubhai Ambani. Dhirubhai Ambani was born on 28 December, 1932 in Gujarat. He was born in a poor family. He wanted to work hard to earn money and went to Yemen so that he could earn enough money and come back to India to live comfortably with his family.

A guy like him is actually a true inspiration. He was worth $6 billion during is death ($8.3 billion adjusted as per inflation). So what did he actually do? Is it magic or hard work or anything else? What are the principles that he followed? I hope you may be getting all such questions.

Before telling you about him or what he actually did let me tell you three quotes said by him and two interesting things about him :





Interesting things:

1)As I had already mentioned that Ambani worked in Yemen, where he worked in a petrol company. He always used to see his boss coming and going in a car and told his friend that even he would buy the same car and his friend just laughed at him but after 20 years he bought the same car and gave one to his friend and kept three for himself.

2)He had set up a petrochemical pump at Gujarat before 2000. There he asked the engineers to build it in such a way that it could sustain even when the measurement goes to 12 even though as per the engineers it was only 5. And so he again spent crores of rupees and made it in such a way and a few years after he died an earthquake hit Gujarat measuring up to 9.8 . This actually shows that he could predict the future.

Ok so let's start the story :

Dhirubhai Ambani's father was a teacher and his mother was a homemaker . Before becoming a teacher and a homemaker his parents used to do ghee business . As you know that as demand increases , price also increases , but these people were so loyal to their customers that they never increased the price no matter how high the demand was . This was the first thing that Dhirubhai Ambani learnt . However the business had a huge loss and his father had to become a teacher and they had to repay huge amount of loans . Then he sets off to Yemen and works in a petrol company and worked very hard but still never got extra money for over time . He then thought that "why am i supposed to work so hard to make someone else rich , why can't i become rich ?" and he thought a lot and then he came to know that the coins (currency) of Yemen was made with a metal which is a bit costly ,i.e, if it was worth a rupee there then i would be worth probably 7-10 rupees . So he used to melt all those coins and if he had any note he used to convert it into coins and melt them too and send these melted metal to India where his friends would sell them. And as days passed the Yemen government noticed that the coins are reducing and so Ambani was caught and later he was left since he didn't know it was illegal . Then he went back to India and at the age of 22 he was married . It is believed that he was soo loyal to his wife that he never even touched any other women other than his wife from his marriage until his death . Then he again moves to Yemen after his marriage and thinks of doing sugar business . He had invested all his money in this business and had also taken huge loans , but unfortunately the ship had an accident and it sunk and after that his creditors had threatened him a lot and so Ambani went to his friend with who he worked (the one whom i mentioned in the beginning) and so that guy helped him by selling over 80% of his assets just for friendship . And so later he came back to India with probably 500 rupees in hand and started a company called reliance and got a small space at the corner of a room with just a table and a chair . He then started to analyze the people's demand and so he worked as a middleman by selling clothes but later he thought that instead of becoming a middleman he could manufacture clothes on his own and sell them. So he again took a loan and started a factory and this was the beginning of the reliance empire and after this he used to sell goods at a lower price when compared to the market price even though he had less profit . This made the Parsis angry as they were controlling almost the entire business and many people used to talk sarcastically about him but he never replied to those people . At that time there were many wars taking place and so Ambani made a deal with Jawaharlal Nehru stating that he would pay more tax for the nation's betterment if he would help him in developing his business and so the newspaper companies started to write negatives about him and so Ambani advertised his company with thesse newspaper company so that when any newspaper company would publish anything negative about Ambani , they should keep in mind that they are loosing crores of rupees which they will be getting from advertisements but "The Indian Express" did not like what Ambani did .
Later they appointed Swaminathan Gurumurthy to investigate against Ambani and he later showed a few proofs and then people started to criticize him a lot and Ambani couldn't stand it and he was completely paralyzed on one side and was like that until he died. But he never gave up and had achieved a lot even after the paralytic attack. This shows his spirit, his dedication. I hope he will be an inspiration for people forever.

I hope you would have like it

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