Beat The Summer Heat

3년 전

With my favorite Melon Shake!!!!

It's not officially summer yet but it has been so hot for the past days so I decided to make a Melon Shake to cool myself down.

And since it's also almost-summer I didn't have difficulty in buying a Melon. (hurray!!!)

It's pretty easy to make this yummy and healthy drink.

All you need is the ingredients that you can see in the picture: Melon. Milk. Honey. Ice.


Place all the ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth.


Serve and Enjoy the refreshingly delicious Melon Shake!!!


How about you? What is your favorite Summer drink?

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Mango is drink , fruit ,breakfast ,snacks for when it comes to summer . I love it a lot . Being an Indian i could grab different classes of mangoes. Btw you're Melon shake sounds interesting ,hope I would try out one day when climate is harsh. Thanks for sharing .
Enjoy your summer :)


Oh yes! Mangoes! It's also one of my favorite fruit - i love it whether its still green or ripe. Thanks @pranithreddy. :)

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