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This video was originally published 11/9/2019

As Brexit fears creep into the consciousness of the mainstream media, BBC Breakfast is now putting out multiple warnings and mind candy: “Do you have a grab bag that contains key items that will come in handy should an emergency happen?” Obviously, included in the list are medicines, food, water, emergency contact numbers, etc.

BBC Breakfast also came across with a “Grab-and-go-bag” interview theme, doing reports on the street, walking up to people and asking them: “Do you have a grab-and-go bag?” Surprisingly, a lot of people said ‘yes’, and they even went into lengthy discussions and described what is in their bags.

Then the BBC did it again for the third time. So, why is it with the BBC is putting out all these warnings about getting a grab-and-go bag ready? We also have seen the American, Swiss, German and Swedish governments advising their people to get emergency food supplies ready, for anywhere between 2 weeks to 6 months.

Simultaneously, incredible winds during the 13th of September for the UK. These incredible oscillating waves are remnants of a tropical formation.

On top of that, Dorian, the ex-hurricane spinning through that area a week after, but more importantly, look at the wind speeds in this cavitation effect. Winds in that center point are at least at 120 kilometers-per-hour, which are rated as hurricane-force winds because of the category speed of between 70–80 miles per hour. Moving over continental Europe, bringing more early deep snows and unseasonable weather, the worst scenarios are the crops still standing in the fields, and we are right in the middle of harvest time. So, I am wondering, what will be lost at that point?

Meanwhile, some initial reports of a strike in an unloading terminal for corn and soya meal operations are out in Algeria.

There are a lot of ports in Algeria, but this is one of the major ports for inbound grain deliveries. Dock /Port workers may be able to affect inbound food shipments into the country and create greater change by blockading goods. This has just started this morning, so we will see what happens, and how long will it persist.

Beautiful winter wonderland, but wait, something is off, these record deep snows were recorded September 9th, the “last week of summer”. Autumn officially starts on September 21st, depending on which calendar you follow. As for me, this is still another summer snow event of 6 inches up to 3 feet in thickness in many areas. Look at these cows walking through this “summer global warming” fest on the ground.

For those of you in the States, every meter is approx. 3 feet, so you can do the conversion yourself. Also, 2,100 meters is 6,300 feet approx. Anyway, this image is taken in Switzerland. These are morning snows with a foot and a half to 2 feet.

In Italy, beaches are battered by unusual squall like formations. Looks like snow but it’s actually hail covering the beach in Finale Ligure, N.W Italy.

In the Southern Hemisphere, particularly Australia, John Clarkson put this nugget out here, “Only three of the last 20 years have seen this much snow measured at Spencer’s Creek during spring.” This comes from the Australian snow depth update on explaining these years were 2019, 2017 and 2000. This has been the third consecutive year that a snow depth of more than 2 meters /6 Feet measured at Spencer’s Creek, a feat that has only happened three times in the last 65 years. So, do you think it is still global warming; or do you think it is a Grand Solar Minimum forecast of cooling temperatures and more snow?

Then Algeria again, but this time with unusual hail. Algeria does not normally see hail and if there are any it usually small pea-sized grains, not these large egg sized nuggets. This is very unusual, that is why it is making local news headlines.

For in-depth analysis of the uptick in hail sizes, together with the increases in wind ferocity, out of season storms, and snows affecting crops globally check out my presentation, Winter is Coming: Cycles of Change & Transition

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