SUMO 2018 - Japan has 3rd European Champion

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Levan Gorgadze #Tochinoshin is a Georgian SUMO wrestler and third European man who has won Emperor’s cup in history. Let’s take a look at each day champion has overcome.

Day 1

Tochinoshin got his first victory with Shodai in just 12 seconds in New Year basho 2018 tournament. This victory was definitely an announcement that Georgian SUMO wrestler was super ready for tournament.

day 1 in sumo

Day 2

It was almost like on day 1, with the same move (Yorikiri move) Arawashi was defeated by European wrestler Tochinoshin, but instead of 12 seconds, everything was over for Arawashi in just 7 seconds.

day 2 in sumo

Day 3

Like in previous days, it wasn’t as hard as it was expected, Tochinoshin won in 9 seconds with same method.

day 3 in sumo

Day 4

It was the day when everything has become super hard, because his opponent was one of champs Takayasu (the one who got II place on this championship). Fight lasted for 17 seconds and it was one of the hardest wins for Tochinoshin.

day 4 in sumo

Day 5

Georgian wrestler won this battle with the move of yorikiri, but the fight was super hard and long as well, it lasted for 41 seconds and Goeido lost the fight with Tochinoshin (by this fight Tochinoshin made a carrier high record by winning straight 5 times in highest division league).

day 5 in sumo

Day 6

It was like an easy day, because Tochinoshin defeated his opponent Takakeisho in just 8 seconds (it was 1st time when Tochinoshin defeated Takakeisho, it was 3rd time they got battle with each other).

day 6 in sumo

Day 7

Expectations were so high on this match, because the overall match rating between Tochinoshin and Mongolian champion 32 y/o Kakuryu is 1:21. But unfortunately the winning series had stopped for Tochinoshin, because he lost the fight in 11 seconds.

day 7 in sumo

Day 8

After the lost battle with Mongolian champ, Tochinoshin started battles with another breath, he won the battle with Yoshikaze in 10 seconds and made an announcement that he’s thirsty for another battles.

day 8 in sumo

Day 9

This day Tochinoshin came with high self confidence and won the battle in 15 seconds with Mitakeumi.

day 9 in sumo

Day 10

This day he used the same method Yorikiri that has made him won 6 battles, this time battle was over in 10 seconds.

day 10 in sumo

Day 11
This was a great and surprising day for Tochinoshin, because Mongolian champ Kakuryu lost the battle and Tochinoshin winning his battle made his rating same as Mongolian champ in rankings.

day 11 in sumo

Day 12
Tochinoshin is already a leader, he won the battle in 12 seconds!

day 12 in sumo

Day 13
He won the battle with the most weighted opponent in this leage (215 kg / 474 lbs), by winning this battle it was clear in how amazing physical shape was Tochinoshin, battle continued for 18 seconds.

day 13 in sumo

Day 14
It was the historical day for Tochinoshin, because winning the battle he made his ranking with 13:1 victories, so it was impossible to reach his score for any opponent and Georgian wrestler became a champion this day.

day 14 in sumo

day 14 in sumo

Day 15
Everything was clear, Tochinoshin was already a champion, but he wanted to finish with win, so it was not a problem for him, won the match in 18 seconds.

day 15 in sumo

day 15 in sumo

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