I waited for it to kiss the surface of the horizon...

3년 전

Original photo. Happy Valetines day. What could be more romantic than a sunset?

I just shot the sky at the end of the day and wanted to share the new profile background I took. I did not have anyone to share this with. Still looking I guess.

I am messing around with zapple but don't find the "select photo" on the mobile app.

galaxy 8 as shot, no filters or messin' about

This would have been my first zapple post.

Thanks for taking time...

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So many eloquent words have been used to describe the beauty of a sunset like this.., yet they never quite do it justice.

Great shot!

Very peaceful horizon Great shot Up voted

very peaceful scenery there


Love to see sunset and sunrise photography
Followed you for more intresting posts
Also visit my blog @khalidniazi


Beautiful colours in sunset @htooms

Happy Valentine's man. Very cool sunset :)


Hi @dreemit, thank you. Your blog and bux have really come a long way. Just tagged you.


:) Thanks! Hey, curious, did poloniex ever make things right with you?


Oh. Yeah they did. By the time they had returned my steem, it was worth so much that it took 10 days to take it all out. They have that stupid daily limit. Thanks for asking.

It seems that options for steem and sbd's are getting to be fewer and fewer. Changelly, shapeshift and poloniex have been on permanent "temporarily disabled" for some reason.


It does seem to be limited. I just use blocktrades now, and they're great, if you have a problem they get back to you right away.

That's awesome that they ended up having to pay you a fuck load more though, fitting :)


I thought blocktrades pays 1 to 1 for sbd's while they have been trading for between $3 and $18 over the last 6 months. Can you check that? Also, do they require name and documents? If so they are not acceptable.


No man, they take a small fee, but when I transferred sbd's to bc, sbd's were at 7 bucks and we got pretty close to that. And no they don't require name and documents, my husband would never use them if they did.

Awww 😍 😍 😍 Beautiful!

Colours are mad!! Great valentines day shot!

That's a beautiful shot, caught at the perfect moment. Happy valentines :)

I'd thought it was a DSLR photo if you hadn't mentioned it was shot with your smartphone. Wonderful!. Thanks for sharing.



Thank you. Smart phones are pretty stupid and I have too many of them, but this one takes nice photos.


Hahaha we need wisephones!

Really cool clear shot. Usually my snaps of the sun are slightly blurry, or as I like to say....soft.

That's an amazing photo, especially considering you shot it with galaxy 8 :O Indeed a sunset is very romantic, sadly, I don't have anyone to share these kinds of moments with, LOL!

Happy Valentine's Day to my loving friend @htooms sir...
Followed you...now I'm become your fan..

Who said Valentine's Day
Should only be for couples?
Here's a special wish for a
Special person in my life who
has showered me with love,
trust, admiration and
never-ending support.
Happy Valentine's Day my friends.
I am in love with the bond of
Friendship that we share.
Happy Valentine's Day to the
dearest and nearest friend
In my life!...

That's a really nice picture for a smartphone, even though I do know galaxy s8 has a great camera - I have galaxy 8 note and I really find it's camera very adequate.
I'm sorry to hear you have no one to share this with in the valentine's day context - but you do have this community, I hope it compensates for it a little bit!

beautiful sun @htooms hope your day is always a successful friend

Cool sunset great shot worth an upvote

ya dun good! :-)

Very calm environment with lovely capture using Galaxy 8. Very best quality camera has Galaxy 8. Amazing shot taken.
Just upvoted.


Its always nice to see the sunset view. I must say Samsung Galaxy S8 is a cool device to capture some beauty like this. Its all natural. Really perfect.


The only think I did was autofocus and then lower the brightness a bit. Snap.


i guessed it right.

great shot

Woww! Nice picture!! And happy valentines day too! ^^

the Sun is very beautiful very good photograpy @htooms

Happy happy day
And hopefully you are always given health in the days that follow

An incredible day
Happy valentine day

Keep the spirit even though the picture you want is not maximal but i like it

A very happy day and I hope your day is always beautiful

A very happy and happy day for you to have a great day

Congratulations to you on this day may you always be healthy and successful

Happy valentine day @htooms.
Wow...very creative romantic photo shot taken. Best place to love with lady.

It's somehow orange from this view this is sweetly amazing I mean it's professional photographer stuff. Well done buddy

@htooms, Absolutely brilliant looks indeed click you catch near by horizon. Totally amazing. Very deserve shot to valentine day. We all like spend live moment with lovelies with evening sunset. It will be romantic. Nice feelings.

Happy Valentine Day to you!

Wow amazing photography of sunset.
Resteem done

Capturing a candid moment! Great photo.

lovely sunset shot... nice way to pop the zappl cherry... i'm still waiting for the right time :)
lol, on a serious note hope you find 'the one' before your next valentine's and we get to see a lovely silhouette of two people enjoying the sunset next year...

Selam :) çok güzel huzur dolu bir fotoğraf 👏👏

@htooms to whom would I love chocolate so this valentine day feels valuable

@htooms whether valentine day should always be celebrated ... what about people who do not have a partner ??

Very nice picture..nice to know you @htooms.

It is very Romantic as you said.
Sunset tells a lot for those who understand nature very well, they will try to enjoy it almost everyday.

Very good results, I like the feel of it

All look so amazing
And from my happy valentine day

Beautiful scenery of beautiful results. photo the natural beauty that has brought you to get a beautiful dream every night.You are a very lucky person, because you have seen what I can not see in my life.I have never seen this scene it's amazing. Thank you guys for sharing, I hope someday to visit such a beautiful place even if it is not possible for me.
Thans for sharing a @htooms

A fun day
Happy valentine day

Very lovely to behold... Perfect shot

The photograph is so soothing to the eyes. It even gave the peaceful weather around it in my head. Brilliant click. By the way, I write. You can check my blog and upvote if you like anything. Would really appreciate your support.

Where was this photograph taken?

Hi friend ,I think you had enjoyed the beautiful momements ,between the two lovers.Valantensday inriches it's poetic value and makes it more beautiful and lovely. Your creative selection is wonderful. Thanks.

A very beautiful day with and a very wonderful Gamabar, hope you are always healthy

Shooting through the sun is a bit trickier than it seems. You got it right. This is awesome! Making it a bit blurry adds well to the scene.


Very peaceful scenery there i love sunset

Thank for sharing @htooms

Wow..nice picture i like sunset..Thanks have share @htooms.

Awesome sunset view

very beautiful scenery

Hello @htooms, that kind of photos shows a lot of inspiration, I think if you must have somebody there or someone is waiting for you to share and you have not noticed. We hope that on the next day of Valentine's Day the situation will be different. Greetings.

Many Many Happy & Love filled wish on this amazing day.

Congratulations for the beautiful capture dear friend @htooms and all that you achieved with a mobile phone and I'm trying to buy a Nikon d5500 reflex camera to capture shots like these.

You have many reasons dear friend, That can be more romantic than a beautiful sunset.

I hope you have spent a beautiful Valentine's day
I wish you a marvelous weekend

Incredible photo!

a bet of sun will always be the most romantic thing that we can share either in company or alone, the important thing is to enjoy the sunset


stunning scenery in your place @htooms as well as my place.
but I have to admit that the scenery you have is very beautiful
thank you my friend @htooms

a memorable post @htooms

You shouldn't have a problem finding someone! Cheers!

Nice picture!!! Beautiful!!!